Picture of How to make a cheap, mini robot out of cardboard
Well, this is my latest project, once again made purely of boredom. But, on a different note, I'm going to try to make something even bigger, badder, and better for the Gorilla Glue Contest. Moving on!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
two bright Red LED lights,
Cardboard, of course. Or something different, such as poster-board.
aluminum foil,
and, an empty duct tape roll.
oldmechanic3 years ago
cool if it could move around!
awesome robot dude, i only wish it could move, but that would make it complicated to make. still AWESOME ROBOT!!!1 i made the head but i'm gonna modify the body to make it play music (radio parts obviously) or just shove am mp3 in a cardboard body and keep a flap on the back to open it and change songs.
Spycrab (author)  wickedsonic14 years ago
that sounds pretty awesome :D
tim14 years ago
I made a different version of it, but it is still awsome.
conor19865 years ago
Lovely :)
Spycrab (author)  conor19865 years ago
Ha, thanks!
lambologo6 years ago
its cool, but not a robot it is just a cardboard structure with two LEDs but it would make a cool night light???
Spycrab (author)  lambologo6 years ago
yah i guess that would be better to call it
but i still think it is realy cool!
That guy is unique...I just have to make one...