After a fruitless search to find an inexpensive way to store and transport my three cheap fishing rods, I devised this quickie solution. Using scrap PVC pip to protect the rod, and sewing scrap canvas to fit the pipe and provide a pocket at the end to protect the reel, I now have just what I need to carry three rods, with reel and lures still attached, without them flopping around or tangling together!

Step 1: Collect materials

I happened to have some scrap PVC irrigation system pipe lying around, and a canvas  dropcloth purchased at Harbor Freight.

The pipe is 1-1/4 inch thin-walled PVC, with one end widened to allow pipes to be fit together easily. This was big enough to allow the loops on the rod to fit in.

Obviously I used a sewing machine. This would have taken WAY too long without one. Whether it is the "correct" thread and stitch I have no idea. It doesn't have to endure a bomb strike.
Thanks for this. I needed something for my rods for transport.

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