How to Make a Cheap Wire Saw





Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Wire Saw

This instructable will show you how to make a wire saw from materials found in your backyard.

Step 1: Supplies

Some wire that is used for electrical fencing, or chicken wire( won't last as long)
two key rings
needle nosed pliers

Step 2: First

make the wire about 28 inches long.
put the keyring about halfway down the wire and fold the wire over.
now start twisting.

Step 3: Lastly

now, once you have twisted the wire about 2.5 inches or so from the end. you will want to take the other keyring and attach it to the wire by twisting the wire through and around itself.

when using this make sure to use for like thirty seconds, then take a 15 second break, then 30 seconds again, and so on. this keeps the wire from overheating and breaking.

thanks, and have fun!



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thanks alot for the idea,pal.

What are you meant to be able to saw using this?

id be surprised if it saws anything, you can get a store bought one for £3 or less in the us

yeah, you could just buy one online anyway for literally nothing. snd i very much doubt that would saw through wood or metal. unless you want to be there for months. Especially if you can only use it for 30 seconds at a time...

hey pal if you wan't to go buy one online thats fine. but don't be baggin on this when you haven't made, or seen it in action. this was made for people who don't want to spen 20-30 dollars on one. not for people with no lives, that think there qualified to critisise other peoples ideas

hey, firstly it would be like $10, secondly i have all the time for an idea that works. Maybe i should see it in action- maybe if you made a video of it working then everybody here would think it more feasible than they do now

firstly my camera is at the bottom of the lake thanks to my stupid cousin, second if you want to see it in action so bad then make one, and thirdly if you really have nothing better to do than sit here online and talk smack to other people then you got another thing comin

lol ooh no