Chinese Paper Cut Art is a critical cultural piece in China. It is used in all kinds of celebrations including wedding, promotion and moving to a new house. The paper art will be glued on the door or window to symbolize happiness and good luck. "“ is an ancient Chinese word for happiness. It is also the most popular pattern used in the Chinese paper cut art. This instructable will open the door of Chinese popular art craft for you.

Skill required: Elementary level- All ages can practice
Time required: 5 minutes

Let's start! Hope you will enjoy!

Step 1: Prepare your Tool

Get ready with tools

1. Pencil
2. Scissors
3. Red square paper
4. Ruler

1. use pencil to draw so the marks can be erased later.
2. Red color is recommended. In the Chinese culture, red is the color that represents happiness and fortune.
3. Choose paper that is thinner. Otherwise, it will be very thick after several times folding.
<p>Like it. Simple and beautiful. Good work in easy to understand steps.</p><p>It made me remember that as a children, my grandfather taught me this, and I did lots of them. I had forgotten that! Thanks</p>
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