Introduction: How to Make a Christmas Gift Box Out of a Box

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This instructable is going to show you how to make a gift box(or christmas box),Really cool to make,also good for giving to friends

Step 1: What You Need

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You will need a box,I am using a herbalife box.And a white correction flud,or anything like that,and wrapping paper (christmas wrapping paper)

Step 2: Taking Off the Writing

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Grab your white correction fluid and brush off the writing.All of it because you want a perfect box with no writing.Turn the box over and take your white correction fluid and do the same(if you even have writing on the back) and do the same with the top of the box

Step 3: Wrapping It Up

grab a piece of christmas wrapping paper and cut out a piece the size of your box (Sorry for no photo camera dosn't work)

Step 4: Finishing Your Christmas Box

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now that you got the wrapping paper in size of your box,take a present you will like to give and put it inside the box and take the wrapping paper and put it around the box and use tape to close it,now take a bow (or whatever you call it) and tape it on top of the box.Now your officaly done with making your box.


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