What do you buy the man who has everything?   Well, I decided to make something he couldn't or wouldn't buy for himself.  A clay likeness of himself.  
At first my plan was to make a clay model then cast it in silicon then concrete for his driveway but I got to such a detail level that I wasn't certain the cast would take so I have given it a bronze like finish.
When I have the time I will make one each for my mum and dad in concrete to put at the end of the driveway!

This is my first instructable so if you have any questions/critisims then let me know.

Step 1: Image Study

Find a front facing picture and a profile shot if possible.

The green lines are the features that need to be just right and the red lines are all the bumps that make my dads face HIS face.  :-)
This is very good for a first bust. I'm just beginning with sculpting, and I hope to make a bust of my idol, Nikola Tesla. You've given me a lot of good info, thanks.
Hey Dolan can I see a picture of your sculpture I am also creating one on Nicola Tesla..
what did he say when he found out?
were can i buy the tools th bust looks great
Thank you! <br> <br>I got mine from the UK store The Works but you can get them from HobbyCraft <br>(much, much more expensive there though) If you are in the US then Micheals will probably have them. Look in the kids crafts section where ever you go.
Nice present. I don`t know if it`s your first sculpture, but I noticed that the both eyes are different in size and shape. Also, the space between both eyes must be equal to the length of one eye.
It isn't my first sculpture but it is my first bust. <br> <br>I have done his eyes a different size and shape because his eyes ARE a different size and shape. <br>I understand you are probably trying to be constructive but if you read it again you'll see why I have sculpted this the way I have: <br> <br>&quot;My dad was in a serious accident in his yoof which led to quite a bit of scarring. This led to it being easier for me to pick out features. However i had to get them in exactly the right place. <br> <br>I stopped referring to the photo once I had everything in the right place then changed a coupla details based on memory. Ultimately, its what YOU see in that person that represents them rather than a photo.&quot; <br> <br>My eye is bigger than the space between them, call me ugly but you must be lucky to be blessed with a perfect face! <br> <br>
Well, as you said I`m trying to be constructive in my criticism. I read about the scaring, but I didn`t know that there`s some eye dislocations also, besides the eyes on the photo seemed ok to me, that`s why I wrote the previous comment.
This might be a situation where time will tell. I think it still might be worth your while to try casting it, and if the cast turns out to be a bust (HAHAHAHA, pun), it's a matter of doing it again. If you're like me, the second time around turns out looking better than the first. Very impressive sculpture though and many thanks for sharing!
thanks, I'm going to do another one and cast that because I'm not happy with the profile of this one. Thanks for your advice and nice comments, Its very incouraging because this is my first clay sculpture!
Oops, I meant to say &quot;my first clay portrait sculpture&quot;!
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