This instructable is for those who want a child of their own but dont have a partner.

Step 1: Materials

Before beginning the cloneprocess, you need to have these materials:
- Human cells,from the individual who will be cloned.
- Media in which these human cells will grow and divide.
(breeding oven)
- Media in which cells will stop dividing, and enter a state
of "quiescence" without dying.(freezer)
- Laboratory supplies: Incubator, Sterile Hood, petri dishes,
microscopes, and tools capable of removing and implanting
cellular organelles,from one cell to another.
- Unfertilized human egg cells.
- Media in which the fertilized eggs can grow and divide.
<p>now thing thing is can we make a person and not a clone</p>
<p>Could I just make an exact copy of Bumblebee?</p>
<p>i did it I made a clone</p>
<p>how could I clone autobot Hound?</p>
<p>Clone me! </p>
<p>how could I clone autobot Hound?</p>
<p>Please help I also want to clone Optimus Prime</p>
<p>how would I go about cloning the autobot Bumblebee?</p>
Could you clone an adult person?
<p>8O OMG!</p>
The whole point of this was so i could have a child without a female host to carry her...If i had i would just use normal means of conception...And this whole thing is literally impossible to most people as it requires super advanced technology and knowledge of science...HOW THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO REMOVE THE NUCLEUS FROM THE EGG???
its great that your trieing but what i dont understand is how you got an unfertalized embryo and i have made a design of one but havent got a chance to make it. and you are exajerating about what you have done ............ <br>
quick questing if i got soem sample from dead famous pepole and added brain wash techonlgy could i bring them back from the dead and acserlate the aging process using micro scopic virua innfection just a thought
ok could i make it autmons just a thought i mean imagene being able to bring back extanct species and or humans if we all die
They are cloning animals in the u.s now.
can you really clone people?
yes but like he/she said it is un-moral<br>because you need dna(the cell) and a egg(embryo)<br>but them together and boom you have a clone but like said its illegal becuase it is wrong to make a exact copy of somone
It's not illegal because of cloning being immoral, but it's illegal because cloning can cause serious harm to the offspring. Governments have banned cloning only to keep living beings safe. <br><br>Would you want to grow up a clone, but with a few major birth defects?
I wanna know if with this steps could be posibble to clone an animal???
&nbsp;What about Canada?... Bwa ha ha ha!
<sub>That last image - from one of the later <em>Paranoia</em> books?</sub><br/><br/>Anyhoo, I've gotten to step six, the cells are dividing and growing, but there are no signs of differentiation yet, even though the mass is nearly half a metre tall.<br/><br/>And sort of ... <em>pulsing</em>.<br/><br/>What should I do with the mass? Will it differentiate soon, or shall I just let it grow and then sell it to McDonalds?<br/><br/>Wait a minute, it's moving. There's a tentacle, and it's... <strong>&gt;crash&lt;</strong><br/><br/><em>Eek!</em><br/><br/><sub>Panicked footsteps disappear rapidly into distance.</sub><br/>
<em><strong>Lftndbt~ Appears from out of no-where and throws a net over the blob</strong></em><br/><br/>I've got it! I've got it!! <strong>someone get some rope!!</strong><br/><br/>OMG!! <br/><br/><em><strong>The newly formed tentacle whips around violently and attachs itself with incredible sucking force to LftnDbt's cranium'<strong></strong></strong></em><br/><br/>Its got me, its got me!! What's it doing?? My brain!! It's sucking out my brain!!<br/><br/>~*SSsLLllUuuRRrrPPPP!!!*~<br/><br/><em><strong>Lftndbt is left lifeless and gurgling in the corner...</strong></em><br/><br/>m.. M... My BwAInn.... hdE lllpppp.... gggglll..<br/>
DONT WORRY MAN! im a year late but ill clone your brain back
ok know serisolsy were not idoits so stop doing what ever this says
I wonder what my parents would do if they saw another, younger me around the house, lol.<br/><br/>What happened to the <em><strong>6 easy steps</strong></em>. I only see three.<br/>
this is only 3 steps
blackbeardlion go with the flo I mean i just made a clone
Heh. Nice Instructable. Is this really possible? It sounded complicated. HAHA. :P

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