Are you tired of office/classroom/backyard wars without any stylish or efficient weapons?

Tired of trying to put that rubberband on your finger and holding it with your pinkie just to have it slip off seconds before you want to fire?

Do you want to shoot your colleagues in style? Do you want them to tremble in fear when they see how prepared you are for the battlefield?

Well then this Instructable is definitely something for you! Because today you will learn how to make a luger rubberband gun out of wood!

In this instructable I will show you how you can make your own Luger rubberband gun. The main advantages of this RBG (rubberband gun) is that it is light, stylish ,much easier and faster to reload then the hand trick (5 seconds against 10) and it's completely failproof and will never shoot by accident! (unlike the hand trick). Unlike BB guns it will never break and requires extremely little maintenance. It is also an ideal gift for kids, classmates or colleagues or a father son project for you and your boy to enjoy. You can let your kids play wars with these in the backyard, or you yourself in the classroom or office.

I always wanted to build rubber band guns as they are great toys for kids and adults alike. However I never could because I couldn't get my hands on those plastic trigger thingies. But then I found an alternative, the clothespin! So I wanted to make one of a WW2 pistol as I am a big fan of that period. I chose the luger as it is stylish and instantly recognisable. However the rule of the internet (whatever you think off somebody else will have already made it and posted it on the internet) was true again and somebody else had already made it. I saw a video of a clothespin luger made by a "WLenW" but that video didn't really help me as he didn't show how to build it and his was made out of multiple pieces of wood while I wanted to make it out of two pieces. So I decided to build it my way instead of finding out how he did it. He did give me the idea for cutting off one of the legs of the clothingpin though and I would like to credit him for it. All the other stuff was thought off by me :)

Disclaimer: A rubberband has not hurt anyone to my knowledge except perhaps a sting that lasted 5 minutes, so as far as parts of the body that get shot goes, there shouldn't be any danger. However if the rubberband should shoot in somebody's eye, they could really get hurt. It's therefore my advice that the people who play this game use goggles or glasses during playso they won't accidently put someone's eye out. I advice sunglasses, it makes you seem alot cooler and that's always a plus ;)

Did that commercial sound like something you heard it before? Well then you probably saw my other instructable "how to make a ping pong ball gun" ) This instructable is a follow up in the series of ibles I plan to create on wooden toys. No knowledge of the other ible is needed but if you plan to make toys for your kids it is perhaps convienient to check those out to. That's why it is included here.

This is an entry for the "DadCanDo Family Fun"contest so if you think this ible is a winner please rate and vote for me :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

As you will notice this Instructable is very cheap and out of the materials you must gather you probably can build a few guns for your partners in crime or as backup weapons!

For this project you will need:


  • Sander
  • A drill
  • Jigsaw (powertool)
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Clamps
  • An adjustable workbench (or something else  you can clamp your  wood on and easily saw it)
  • Woodglue
  • Superglue
  • A vise
  • Wood 2 cm/0.78 inch thick and atleast 20cm/ 7.78 inch long(I used wood from a pallet my dad had laying around the house.)
  • A wooden rod diameter 1 cm/ 0.39 inch length 10 cm/ 3.9 inch
  • Another wooden rod diameter 1,5 cm/ 0.59 inch length to be chosen yourself (these will be for the two circles on the side of the gun)
  • One clothespin
  • 1 nail

I had all these materials at home so this was free for me. I'm  pretty sure you'll have these materials at home to or you can improvise. For instance I used a pallet for the main part because it had a good thickness but if you find 2 cm to thick to hold in your hand comfortably you could easily go with another thickness. The same goes for the type of wood. Pallets mostly use  hardwood  to carry the heavy weight that is put on them which is great because it will make the gun sturdier and almost impossible to break.
<p>Nice, nice, gonna ask for help to make one as I ain't , that, handy with saws, wood, etc...</p><p>Also very big fan of WW II, I like the design of the Nagant revolver and the Mosin :)</p>
maybe u should increase the length of the barrel and put the clothspin where the trigger should be in a real gun
What is that second picture? Call Of Duty?
Yep Call of duty 2 to be precise :) It's a great source for WW2 weapons as they always make their weapons very detailed.
Yeah they do a really good job in detailing. I have CoD 2 for Xbox 360
You can do everything you described in the intro with a well built knex gun. I still think this is good and looks nice, I gave it a 4 for the effort.
The same probably applies for my ping pong ball gun. You can do alot with knex what you can do with wood or metal but that doesn't make it wood or metal.<br> <br> Don't get me wrong I think it's great what you people do with knex but I just prefer building with wood. It's sturdier and while doing it you are practicing and bettering your skills with tools which will benefit you later in life.<br> Also the wood used in this ible was free, knex however is not.<br> <br> Also this gun is something I'll enjoy for many years, while if I would have made it out of knex it would have just been for a few days.<br> <br> But thank you for reading and rating. We are from different sides here but I understand your reasons, I hope you do mine :)<br>
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i may be the only one who agrees with this

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