Introduction: How to Make a Cloud in a Bottle

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This instructable will teach you how to make a cloud in a bottle. It's quite simple. This is all you need.

-Matches(take three just in case you mess up)
-A clear plastic bottle,preferably an empty Lipton Tea bottle(make sure it still has a cap)
-Running water

You will understand why Lipton Tea bottles are good for this soon enough.

This is my first instructable, so go easy on the comments.

I'm not liable for what you do with the matches.

Step 1: Prepare the Bottle

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Get your Lipton Tea bottle and clean it out (don't use soap) Fill the bottle with water from your sink or hose or whatever. Now empty it out. Dry only the outside of the bottle. You only have little droplets in the bottle now, right? Good.

Step 2: Test Your Bottle

Picture of Test Your Bottle

OK, we're getting to the good part. Close the bottle with the cap and squeeze really hard.

-When you squeeze, the air pressure inside the bottle goes up, and so does the temperature.
-When you release, the air pressure inside the bottle goes back down and so does the temperature.

Squeezing the bottle was to give you a science lesson and to check for leaks. If there are no leaks, good, if there are, get a new bottle and repeat steps 1 and 2.

Step 3: YAY! Fire!

Picture of YAY! Fire!

So, now were really close to the fun part. I'm now going to tell you why Lipton Tea bottles should be used.
1.They're flat and totally see through, unlike most bottles which have designs which alter visibility so you can't see inside the bottle.
2.They are really tough! Most bottles are smashed or crushed when you squeeze them too much. These bottles are as tough as nails.Or maybe not quite...

Get ready for the fun part! Get a match and light it. Grab the bottle and put the side where the cap goes on toward the match(see picture)Blow out the match and stick it inside the bottle make sure plenty of smoke gets inside the bottle. (the more smoke the denser your cloud) Squeeze the bottle and let go. A cloud appears. This effect should last about 15 minutes of cloud-making fun. You can reuse the bottle when the clouds stop forming.
I included a video for your viewing pleasure.

Step 4: Conclusion

Clouds are made from water droplets, decreased air pressure, and smoke.


rafaelski (author)2015-04-13

How much time the cloud stay, if i close the bottle? (author)2008-08-20


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fireblast_1212 (author)2009-01-16

You can do the same thing in your mouth but in a much safer way. Look at my instructable to see how to do it.

gover57 (author)2007-07-10

you stated the following: -step 4Conclusion -Clouds are made from water droplets, decreased air -pressure, and smoke. only partially true - clouds are made from water vapour, low air pressure, and micrscopic particles At low pressure, the vapour clings to the particles to form visible clouds - when too much clings, the result is rain... there is always a small particle of dust in a rain droplet or a snowflake or any other type of precipitation. Smoke (carbon particles, unburnt match particles)CAN be a form of the particles, but so can other things, like dust, pollen(?), and so on.

carrierpilot1357 (author)gover572008-12-10

that would be cool to make rain in a bottle

genius245 (author)gover572007-07-10

I'll keep that in mind.

admanrocks (author)2007-07-12

i did this in 8th grade science

TheCheese9921 (author)admanrocks2007-07-14

I did this on my own in the 3rd grade (jesus I am a nerd)

i did it in kindergarten

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laminterious (author)2008-05-03

This is pretty neat. My kids will love it!

MonkeyBoy3217 (author)2008-03-25

I reread your Instructable and u put a match in. the other problem u have to leave the match in the bottle,and put a bowl of ice on the top and not squeeze it. sorry

MonkeyBoy3217 (author)2008-03-25

okay what u have is not a cloud ask any scientist and thats not a cloud. I did exactly this, did u put a match in it? well if not its not a cloud.srry

v_rancher (author)2007-12-22

hey, cool, I dig it.
rob =][=

maker12 (author)2007-11-28

use a smoke bomb, dont use maches!! tell us the result!!! lol

jakee117 (author)2007-11-14

I did this in science class but we blew in to a tube and i told a guy to suck in and he got a mouthful of smoke lol i know its mean but its funny!

altaria1993 (author)2007-09-26

get about 5 matches in one hand, light them at once, blow it ount and then you will get a lot smoke, with less effort :)

genius245 (author)altaria19932007-09-26

yea but you dont want a lot of smoke,just a little bit

altaria1993 (author)genius2452007-09-29

i do want a lot of smoke XD

tweeto (author)2007-07-11

What exactly do you want us to do with the match??? and where is the picture for that???... you missed the last part and left us with out a point.

genius245 (author)tweeto2007-07-11

Just light it. Put it under the opening of the bottle. Blow it out and try to get as much smoke as you can into the bottle. Immediately close the bottle.

lemonie (author)2007-07-10

Interesting, but I didn't want to download 30Mb. Could you add a shorter clip (for the benefit of people with slower connections than mine)? This really needs the video to be appreciated, and at that size a lot of people aren't going to see and understand this. L

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