How to Make a Cockroack Robot




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Introduction: How to Make a Cockroack Robot

About: I'm a student of mechanical engineering at Aalborg university in Denmark. I absolutely love to tinker with electronics and mechanics, and thus much of my spare time is spent on hobby robotics and 3D printers...

Here is a nice little project that enyone can do in less then 30 minutes
its cheap, easy, fast and funny
and it can be done using only 5$



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    hey a nice idea for a bump sensor.

    for the strings i suggest springier ones they are easy to activate.

    anyway good ible. :)

    Awesome!!little still blowing mind

    we can do from triple battery

    where to keep sensor of cockroach????????

    i cant see the video :( it was blocked in my country

    most electronics' stores


    good luck! :)

    you know this formula e = mc2 if you know reply me peter jacob.

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    E=energy=mc^2=m(c*c) yes, i know that formula :)

    i,m the one of your fan in instructable my full name is waren a gonzaga i,m inventor i have idea in anythng about on this earth and im smrt in science

    who invent robot cocroach is genius and good work

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    i did :) but the beetlebot is briliant too! NOTE: i didnt know about the beetlebot from "Make:" untill after i made my cockroach and i dont know which one was invened first. but i did NOT steal any ideas from anyone.


     is it possible to make it remote control?

    hey thanks

    It is not really a beetle robot but a battery powered photopper design.

    He makes a sort circuit of the opposite motor, wich is not really efficient design since the motor was to try to push it way out.

    It will get stuck 95% of the time.

    lol many peaple ask me that... but i didnt coby it... it is an OLD video i posted even before i knew the beetlebot, witch i think is an avesome design!

    oh never mind then, sorry about that, :P

    Check your spelling. (It should be SURE not SHURE) :)