video How to make a cockroack robot
Here is a nice little project that enyone can do in less then 30 minutes
its cheap, easy, fast and funny
and it can be done using only 5$
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hey a nice idea for a bump sensor.

for the strings i suggest springier ones they are easy to activate.

anyway good ible. :)

Aakashyap1 year ago
Awesome!!little still blowing mind
memusic2 years ago
we can do from triple battery
memusic3 years ago
where to keep sensor of cockroach????????
afong14 years ago
i cant see the video :( it was blocked in my country
fluffyevan4 years ago
Where can I get motors like that?????
peterjacob (author)  fluffyevan4 years ago
most electronics' stores

like www.MUTR.co.uk

good luck! :)
you know this formula e = mc2 if you know reply me peter jacob.
peterjacob (author)  Waren-Neutron5 years ago
E=energy=mc^2=m(c*c) yes, i know that formula :)
warengadia is my another account.
warengadia5 years ago
i,m the one of your fan in instructable my full name is waren a gonzaga i,m inventor i have idea in anythng about on this earth and im smrt in science
elenwaren5 years ago
who invent robot cocroach is genius and good work
peterjacob (author)  elenwaren5 years ago
i did :) but the beetlebot is briliant too! NOTE: i didnt know about the beetlebot from "Make:" untill after i made my cockroach and i dont know which one was invened first. but i did NOT steal any ideas from anyone.
avenged7x5 years ago
 is it possible to make it remote control?

i got that song
TXTCLA556 years ago
well done, although it is a close copy to the beatle bug...


if you did copy it, try not to next time.
hey thanks

It is not really a beetle robot but a battery powered photopper design.

He makes a sort circuit of the opposite motor, wich is not really efficient design since the motor was to try to push it way out.

It will get stuck 95% of the time.
peterjacob (author)  TXTCLA556 years ago
lol many peaple ask me that... but i didnt coby it... it is an OLD video i posted even before i knew the beetlebot, witch i think is an avesome design!
oh never mind then, sorry about that, :P
Cubie25 years ago
Check your spelling. (It should be SURE not SHURE) :)
Did you even watch the entire video, or did you just stop at the spelling error in the beginning?

This project was an ingenious design of a sentient, obstacle avoiding robot, without the use of any MCs, ICs, relays, or even sensors for that matter.

He should be applauded, not flamed.
Agreed, I was just pointing that out :P
ahmad21175 years ago
can i put the LED in the front so it looks like eyes?
dragonface5 years ago
it wouldnt matter if i used some othe type of wheels rite?
peterjacob (author)  dragonface5 years ago
no, not at all
peterjacob (author)  mynameishamm5 years ago
yep! :)
I made one and it gos in circles because one motors faster would ading a resistor help????
it should
paintsniper6 years ago
also u should make a third connection from the battery to the motor so that one motor doesnt sto it just reverses otherwise good job cheers
paintsniper6 years ago
iv designd heaps of beam robots,battle robots and some weird robots and i think that its going two fast and it shouldnt break as often as urs does to eliminate that adjust theangle of the motors up and it will slow adjust them down it will speed up.ask me if u want to see my designs cheers
its too cool
do i really have to use guitar strings for the sensors, or can i just use regular wire? any reply will do t5hanks
peterjacob (author)  vpbotbuilder6 years ago
any bouncy/spring like wire will do!
OK, awesome. this will be my first robot so im going to make an instructable dedicated to it. thanks and keep up the good robots =D
Awesome! Really love it!
Berkin6 years ago
Very nice! I have to try this sometime.
geek dax6 years ago
cool but i wish it was made of house hold things
peterjacob (author) 6 years ago
Well it isn´t a real robot - but it do have two sensors to guide it =]
lol it's a real robot....but very simple....
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