Step 8: Rock-a-Hula, Baby!

Congratulations, you are now the creator of your own, personal coconut bra, tailored just for you! I wore mine for about 2 hours right after I made it and found it to be much more comfortable than expected. Then I did some fire dancing, and found it to be much more secure than I figured as well.

We knocked this baby out in about an hour, but there were four of us with power tools, so your mileage may vary.

Thanks so much to Jo, Aaron and Aaron for their help on the execution of this project!
i think it turned me into a Polynesian zombie dancer executing the Hula equivalent of Thriller D:<br>
Fabulous! I'd love to see pictures! (3 years later, ha!)
I can't find an instructable on how breaking open a coconut from it's shell :D <br>on my vacation in Thailand we used 30 minutes 3humans and one dog to get it open :D but it is ten times more delicious when all the effort is worth is <br> <br>although the (calories spend on getting food/calories gotten out of food) ratio wasn't that high, it was fun.
&quot;Aaron is a trained professional, please do not use your knees as a vise.&quot;<br><br><br><br>Well, I think no one in his right mind, no matter how well trained, could use a jigsaw that way. Things could go weird very easily.<br><br><br><br>Other than that, nice project.<br><br><br><br>Regards.
Great tutorial!<br /> I'm going to use&nbsp;it to make a coconut shell bowl =D<br />
Well, thanks, and be sure to let us know how it turns out!<br />
I am guilty of drilling things on my knees, but wow a jigsaw, brave<br />
&nbsp;Cool! And a very patriotic screwdriver :)

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