Picture of How to make a coin disappear
Make a coin disappear with the snap of your fingers! (Literally)
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Step 1: The Setup

Picture of The Setup
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2009-06-12 21.00.23.jpg
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Make sure you are wearing a shirt/sweater with long sleeves. I cannot stress how important it is to have that. Choose a shirt/sweater with a fairly loose hanging sleeve. Not one that shrinks tight. Position your hand with a coin (penny preferably for it's weight) as shown.

Step 2: "MAGIC"

Picture of "MAGIC"
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Snap your fingers over the selected coin, being sure to smack the coin into your sleeve with either your middle or index finger (whichever finger you use when snapping against your thumb)

Step 3: Smile

Picture of Smile
Wave your hands in a sparkling fashion, exclaiming how the coin has miraculously disappeared. Watch as expressions of awe and mystery stretch across your victims faces. Congratulations.
Yes, this is a great effect and can really blow people's minds! Just one thing is to make sure your nails are cut short or you can give yourself a nasty scratch!
so simple yet so...WOW...
dioblo23455 years ago
really good instuctable .....but some people tell you to roll up your sleeves