Learn how to make a very original and colourful birthday card!

You need:

-pastels or colour pencils
-a compass

Step 1:

First, you need to draw circles of different sizes in the centre of three pieces of paper. I used circles of 7, 6 and 5 cm diameter.
<p>This is cool... But it does not have very detailed instructions.</p>
<p>i love this card and it is super cute! I needed a card for an up-coming birthday and this is a life saver.</p>
<p>It's really cool, thanks. The birthday man loved it.</p>
Thanks for the instructions! Here's mine, with watercolour crayon on the leaves and petals. <br><br>
Very Beautiful!
I made one of these for my friends and she loved it! Oh, and I also stuck a quarter inside- just for a little something extra.
That's a great idea! Glad she liked it!
Oh that is cool!! The end results are terrific! How long have you been at this? Your really good.
Thanks! I think it took me an hour or two.
Pretty card!

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