Cook what you need, make everything you like. Grab a dead computer and get what you need. Fast and easy to make and a great taste it cooks.

Step 1: What You Need

you need a
-fan guard
-paper clip
-2 rubber bands

Step 2:

Take the 2 rubber bands and put them around the battery and cardboard, like in picture.

Step 3:

If you have a paper clip with a rubber sleeve on it, then cut it like shown in the picture.

Step 4:

Now put the fan guard on top of the battery, then take the paper clip and put both sides on the + and - side of the battery.  Make sure that metal from the paper clip is touching both the battery and the fan guard.
short circuiting the battery could make it potentially EXPLODE&nbsp;in front of you and throw battery acid everywhere!<br />
Well said =D
Thankyou :)
I don't see anything cooking here, could you fix that?<br /> <br /> L<br />
Photos are blurry.&nbsp; Do you know how 2 use macro? (if not look it up)<br /> <br /> When using macro, get about 15 cm back and zoom as needed.&nbsp; If none of this works remember that u can half-press the camera button lightly before u take the photo to engage auto-focus.<br />
thanks<br /> <br />
no offense, but i find that bo3bo3's version is safer, lasts longer, and is more effective, i dont even really see this even heating a glass of water, you would need a coil and more power to make a stove-like thing
&nbsp;If I was you I wouldn't do it. &nbsp;You DON'T EVER short out a&nbsp;battery&nbsp;and you would have to exchange&nbsp;the&nbsp;battery&nbsp;every few minutes, but if you branched off half of the positive to a salt water solution so that it is defused just&nbsp;enough&nbsp;to cause a flow from + to - then this would be safer.
i dont see this cooking too much<br />
What exactly have you cooked with this?
So, you cook food with a shorted-out AA&nbsp;battery?<br />

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