Introduction: How to Make a Computer Fast.

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To make a computer fast just follow these steps.

Connect to the INTERNET. Open your web browser. Then in the URL box type

Step 1:

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Then download the glary utility.

Step 2:

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then complete the installation.

Step 3:

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then run the Glary Utility.Select all the things even track eraser.And click Scan For issues.

Step 4:

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after scanning select repair problems

Step 5:

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then go to modules

Step 6:

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then select disk cleaner and follow instructions

Step 7:

the last step is to run shortcuts fixer and follow instructions


Wolf Seril (author)2012-05-11

Sounds like an ad. An ad for a trojan.

For some reason I agree.

Cat Dance (author)Wolf Seril2012-05-11

By the way i don't know what is trojan

rimar2000 (author)Wolf Seril2012-05-11
  • Why a trojan?
  • Do you know if the author have permission of Instructables?
  • Today there are in the web many free programs that make the same (or like) process.
thegeeke (author)2012-05-19

Interesting... did you write this program?

Cat Dance (author)2012-05-11

It is not a trojan. just a simple cleaner like CCleaner

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