Picture of How to make a cool 3D birthday card
Learn how to make this very original birthday card.

What you need:

-a ruler
-a cutter
-blunt scissors or a blunt knife

Step 1:

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Start by cutting an A4 paper in two in the length. You need to glue the two pieces together, but you could do that at any stage of the process, so do it when it feels appropriate to you.
I did not understood the folding process...letters are not standing still...plz help
vvasquez4 years ago
could I do this with big poster board sort of paper? You know the big poster things you would do for a project? or will it be more difficult?
judith_ou (author)  vvasquez4 years ago
I don't see why that wouldn't work; The paper needs to be pretty strong so the letters stand up straight, but also if it's very thick you need to make sure you can still fold it to a straight angle. Hope that helps and have fun with it!
Good Job!! This is a nice idea for a birthday card very usefull. C(^_^)D
Kaiven6 years ago
Now that looks really classy. Good job! Awesome for a short notice, but I don't have any of that paper :o
judith_ou (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
You can use any kind of paper for this, so you don't have any excuse! Go make a birthday card!
Haha, I got a better idea for her birthday :D She asked me to put my foot behind my head at the party, because I am flexible. I decided I will go to the party dressed as a ninja so people won't know who I am, then just walk up and put my foot over my head :D i already told a friend, and he said that it would be awesome :D
ChrysN6 years ago
That looks great, nicely done! I guess you could make a really long one and put happy birthday and their name (most of my friends don't want to be reminded of their age LOL).
judith_ou (author)  ChrysN6 years ago
Yeah, you can make it as long as you want, but it will take more time and effort, so I went for the easy option!