Introduction: How to Make a Cool Mp3 Speaker Dock in Under an Hour!

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How to make a wicked cool mp3 speaker dock in under an hour for free!

Step 1: Materials!

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O.K. this is what you need!

1. A Box, like cardboard, i used the best cereal box ever!
2. A good amount of duct tape.
3. An MP3 player, mine is cool.
4. A set of speakers with volume control, mine were built for mp3/cd players, so this would be the best kind!
5. A... some scissors.
6. A pencil.

Step 2: Do the Front.

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O.k. heres what you need to do...
Slice up the box! Trace around both of the speakers, leaving some space between for wires and such.

Step 3: Trace Around It! Seperators!

Picture of Trace Around It! Seperators!

Trace around the speakers! Make it a rough sketch, no need to be fancy. Now measure out the seperators, the peices of cardboard that wil prevent the speakers from sliding. Tape them on, make them not wiggle to much.

Step 4: Put on the Bottoms!

Picture of Put on the Bottoms!

Make a peice of cardboard that is the same length as the front and half as tall, make 2 of them, top and bottom. Tape em up!

Step 5: Wire It Up!

Picture of Wire It Up!

Cut them speaker holes, and fit the speakers in, feed the wires to the appropriate spots, the plug out the side, and the jack into the middle section.

Step 6: Holes!

Picture of Holes!

Put a couple a slits on the top for the player and jack.

Step 7: Make It One.

Picture of Make It One.

Now make the symetrical front and put it on back.

Step 8: Sooo Cute! the End.

Picture of Sooo Cute! the End.

Now make it good! I accidentaly put the life label on the outside, oh well! looks good though. If you have any q's ask me!


ace1423 (author)2011-08-18

about 2 years ago i made a case for my zen Mosaic mp3 player and i put cotton balls in the bottom for protection

csmit803 (author)2011-04-11

hay do u need to have a champ amp to make it

Superninjacamper941 (author)2008-11-02

GO COUGARS yay great ible

Coffee bean (author)2007-05-22

not loud. needs amping.

jinventive (author)Coffee bean2007-10-24

It is amplified, that's why it has volume controls and an ON/OFF button.

mondaymonkey (author)Coffee bean2007-10-21

I always do this, but without using the cardboard. I just hook my mp3 up to some old comp speakers w/ AC power. To Amp this, just turn both volumes on. I find that you will get better sound if you pump your mp3 volume rather than pumping your speakers

jackfr0st (author)mondaymonkey2007-10-21

its just to have a box to carry it in... i got tired of lugging all the cords around and stuff

jackfr0st (author)Coffee bean2007-05-22

the speakers are built for this, and they are wired together, with volume and on off control on the right speaker. and indigo montoya (ur pic) i did not kill your father, and i will not prepare to die

Coffee bean (author)jackfr0st2007-05-23

A-the point being that is not listed as what you need B-don't be hatin' because you made a sad instructable C-speakers with volume control were taken out of something D-let me see you hand!!!!

joemonkey (author)Coffee bean2007-05-22

thats why u use speakers with volume control

Yerboogieman (author)2007-10-14

it says it, RCA

jackfr0st (author)2007-09-01


jackfr0st (author)2007-05-22

thanks for all the negativity

Coffee bean (author)2007-05-22

i believe it only says a set of speakers.

JakeTobak (author)2007-05-21

1.) Cut a hole in the box. 2.) Put your speakers in the box. 3.) Make her open the box.

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