How to Make a Cool Airsoft Gun





Introduction: How to Make a Cool Airsoft Gun

Hi, im here to tell you how to make a nerf gun to an airsoft gun. Beleive it or not but the basics is really simple. It will only take about 5 minutes to make it shoot. Its also really powerfull.

Step 1: Painting...

you want to probably take the gun apart before painting. thats pretty easy. you dont have to if you know how to paint with tape. You might wanna go with (a) good color(s). Like black or silver or both.

Step 2: Making It Shoot...

making it shoot is real simple, all you got to do is follow my instructions.

 You'll need:
  2 index cards
  1 pen that has a hollow inside (barrol)
  1 roll of scotch tape

 take the 2 index cards and roll them up into a cylinder, you wanna make the index cards have no space in bewteen the pen body. Put the pen's body down the barrol of the nerf gun (in the cross looking thingy). Then make sure you tape it up good. Also make sure that its down all the way in the barrol and air tight. You should be able to place the airsoft bb in down the barrol and shoot. If you have a gap in between, then you want to fill it up with more paper/index cards. This is what you should've made before placing it in the barrol.

Step 3: Making a Scope...

You dont have to make a scope but i did. it took me a while to find the glass that i needed. Its actually really simple...

 You'll need:
  2 round glass peices
  2 index card
  1 roll of tape
  1 sharpie
  4 small cups

First you need to make the base. Make it out of index cards. The reason i dont tell you how to do it is because i dont know what nerf gun you have. Then take two cups and make holes in each bottom. Make it perfect so it looks good. Take the 2 other cups and make holes in it so the glass will stay in place when you put the scope together. Tape it all up. Paint it or something. There you go! I made my scope different than what i said because i had a scope peices.

Step 4: Adding Distance!!!

I was looking at other's prodjects on istructables and i came across one that was really cool. I cant take credit for it so im not. THIS STEP IS NOT MY IDEA! 

  To add distance all you need to do is:
    Open up the gun
    Find the big spring (the one that shoots the gun)
    Add 1-4 dimes/pennies/nickels/quaters behind the spring.
    Put it together
      That will add distance!
      Thank ben360  for this last step
      Instructable: Ebony & Ivory: A Nerf Strike Mod



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    You really shouldn't do step 1 if you live in the UK. Painting it black makes it look cool yes but it's also illegal unless you have a license.

    You really shouldn't do step 1 if you live in the UK. Painting it black makes it look cool yes but it's also illegal unless you have a license.

    im trying really hard t make a clip for it, but at the same time, im working on another project that is gonna be an airsoft gun from scratch.

    Works better when you take the air restrictors (X-shaped rod and spring) out first.
    Went around 75 feet for me.

    im the one in the picture. My brother HAD to take the picture

    that looks like you where home alone cuz of shooting your bro