video How to make a cool and strange looking dry ice globe
This video is about making a dry ice globe. It is not a permanent globe, the "glass" is a bubble. Check it out, it is a lot of fun and there is virtually no mess!

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Tmbo179326 years ago
Great song!!! great experiment! i tried it and it works great.
comodore7 years ago
Where do you buy the dry ice???
Tim-paradox (author)  comodore7 years ago
Look at a grocery store or gas station if it has those bags or machines of normal ice. You have to be 18 in the U.S to buy it though.
Since when? My brother and his stupid friends buy it all the time and they don't get hassled. Or is it state-by-state?
Tim-paradox (author)  DesignerUserName7 years ago
My best guess is that it's state by state cause we can't buy under 18 in Colorado cause of dry ice bombs.
Haha we do that crap all the time. It's more fun with paint but i'm sure my neighbors wouldn't appreciate the mess. "But it's ART!!"
nickhelton7 years ago
amazing song! LS for LIFE!!!
camintmier7 years ago
Okay. That is pretty *bleep*'ing cool.
Tim-paradox (author)  camintmier7 years ago
Lol thanks!
Dantex7 years ago
Lynard Skynard - free bird I love this song and experiment!!!
woa, that is an awesome trick!
Cool! I have done this many times. Nice video!