How to Make a Cool Cardboard Crossbow





Introduction: How to Make a Cool Cardboard Crossbow

This is a free cardboard version of a $50 crossbow, made from junk, designed to fire drinking straws. I designed and made this model myself, with my kids and we had great fun with it. You'll need a rubber band, a couple of wire coat hangers, a wine bottle cork, a couple of old ball point pen barrels and some corrugated cardboard. Free templates for the wood pattern can be found at dadcando, where there are a few other projects that you might be interested in.

Step 1: The Shape of the Crossbow

Download the template from Make a crossbow

Step 2: Cut Out Card and Stick Together

Using the templates, cut out the card and stick together, making sure to put the cork in with the trigger when you are half way though sticking the layers together.

Step 3: Use Wood Effect Paper Inkjet Printout

Use wood effect paper inkjet printout to make the crossbow look realistic. Sorry these instructions seem so lame, I made a printout of the full instructions with templates and wood effect area which you can get from Make a Crossbow as a pdf. However, you can also enlarge them up from these images here on Instructables and print them out from your web browser window. Enjoy...



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    Made this the other day and I got crossbows on the brain haha, and I found this site that gives pretty good reviews for anyone interested

    iv made the crossbow without the template and it still works well and i also added some extras on it like a longer rail and a cover on the rail to stop it from falling

    Image 033.jpgImage 028.jpgImage 029.jpgImage 030.jpgImage 031.jpgImage 032.jpg


    Hey KaptinScarlet, could u pls make us a wooden samurai sword

    dadcando is not free howd you get it then

    It used to be free, but I couldn't afford the server and general running costs so now I charge for individual project but it's only £0.95 each or £9.95 tyo belong for a year and get access to all the projects. The money I get in goes towards the costs of running it but they still don't cover them fully.

    I have to pay for the server and all the other costs of running it somehow, it was that or stop doing it. It's not exactly expensive though.

    I just signed up for dadcando. It's a great site! Today it wasn't there... what's going on? Will you be back soon?

    It's all back up and running now... phew that was a close one, a technical hitch between the domain name registrar and my server... boring, but all fixed now, sorry for the down time.