Picture of How to make a cool explosion on Paint.NET
Explosion on paint.net. If you done it right, it should look like something like the image.
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Step 1: 1: The "Main Part of the Explosion".

Picture of 1: The
1. Make a new picture, 800x600
2. Go to Effects>Render>Clouds. Click OK when a window pops up showing properties for the 'cloud' thing.
3. Duplicate Layer. (Shown on picture below)
4.Go to top layer, then Effects>Distort>Bulge. Make the value 100.
5.Go to bottom layer, then ffects>Distort>Buldge. Make the value -200.
6.Go to the top layer, then go to Properties (on picture below), then change the blend form to "XoR".
7. Flatten the layers. (Below)
Step 1: Done, should look like image below.

Step 2: 2: Step 1: Continued...

Picture of 2: Step 1: Continued...
8. Duplicate the layer (Shown on last step's picture... =P)
9. Effects>Blur>Zoom Blur. Change the value to 75. (Should look like picture below.)
10. Go to top layer, then Properties, change blending mode to "Lighten".
Step 1 is done!

Step 3: 3: Step 2!

Picture of 3: Step 2!
NOTE: The last 2 step make up the main part of the explosion. These steps will show you how to color it.
11.Adjustments>Curves. Change the type to RBG(Red Blue Green), and
then look at the image to find out where to put the markers.(First, start with Red. When your done with Red, uncheck it, and then check Green. Do the same thing with Blue.)

Step 4: Instructable: Done...

Picture of Instructable: Done...
This is my FIRST instructable, so dont be harsh.
PS: You could do a little "playing" with the 1st step's result to get very cool images.
Here's some on the bottom...
1. Some flaming ball
2. Sky blue ball with Yellow/White/Blue/White Lining
3. Green like explosion with yellow in it
4. Orange and yellow colored ball

laceycarmi11 months ago

Mine looks different, but I love it!

Cool 'ible
RiuChan3 years ago
This is pretty cool Instructable!!
Check mine out http://i452.photobucket.com/albums/qq247/InaAmakura/Explosion-1.png
After I finished it I put glow on.
griff1194 years ago
ok pretty good but 2 questions 1 how did you get it in a circle and 2 mines looks nothing like everyone elses
explosion fail.jpg
Follow the instructions.
shootingace4 years ago
worked a treat for my band logo, thanks :-)
Epeoples5 years ago
 pretty cool!
red explosion.bmp
Not bad for a first instructable

CoolJB (author) 7 years ago
Whoops! 5.Go to bottom layer, then Effects*
nm9182737 years ago
very nice, that will save me a lot of time.
Baini7 years ago
Very nice and easy understandable instructable but step 2 (1 cont) is a little unclear wich of them to brighten, like if it was the layer 1 or 2. Faved:)
CoolJB (author) 7 years ago
CoolJB (author) 7 years ago
Please dont worry about those &'s in the step destriction when you hover your mouse over it.