Picture of How to make a cool explosion on Paint.NET
Explosion on If you done it right, it should look like something like the image.
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Step 1: 1: The "Main Part of the Explosion".

1. Make a new picture, 800x600
2. Go to Effects>Render>Clouds. Click OK when a window pops up showing properties for the 'cloud' thing.
3. Duplicate Layer. (Shown on picture below)
4.Go to top layer, then Effects>Distort>Bulge. Make the value 100.
5.Go to bottom layer, then ffects>Distort>Buldge. Make the value -200.
6.Go to the top layer, then go to Properties (on picture below), then change the blend form to "XoR".
7. Flatten the layers. (Below)
Step 1: Done, should look like image below.

Step 4: Instructable: Done...

This is my FIRST instructable, so dont be harsh.
PS: You could do a little "playing" with the 1st step's result to get very cool images.
Here's some on the bottom...
1. Some flaming ball
2. Sky blue ball with Yellow/White/Blue/White Lining
3. Green like explosion with yellow in it
4. Orange and yellow colored ball

laceycarmi6 months ago

Mine looks different, but I love it!

Cool 'ible
RiuChan2 years ago
This is pretty cool Instructable!!
Check mine out
After I finished it I put glow on.
griff1194 years ago
ok pretty good but 2 questions 1 how did you get it in a circle and 2 mines looks nothing like everyone elses
explosion fail.jpg
Follow the instructions.
shootingace4 years ago
worked a treat for my band logo, thanks :-)
Epeoples5 years ago
 pretty cool!
red explosion.bmp
Not bad for a first instructable

CoolJB (author) 6 years ago
Whoops! 5.Go to bottom layer, then Effects*
nm9182736 years ago
very nice, that will save me a lot of time.
Baini6 years ago
Very nice and easy understandable instructable but step 2 (1 cont) is a little unclear wich of them to brighten, like if it was the layer 1 or 2. Faved:)
CoolJB (author) 6 years ago
CoolJB (author) 6 years ago
Please dont worry about those &'s in the step destriction when you hover your mouse over it.