Introduction: How to Make a Cool, Geeky Cardboard Tie.

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What the title says, make a nifty tie when you're bored, or for some costume you intend to make, or whatever! It's all up to you. =)

Step 1: Supplies.

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Ruler,(or good judgment of measurement, or an actual tie to measure up to.)

Step 2: Trace, Cut, Decorate, Tape.

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First, cut a length of cardboard 15 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. Now, trace the below shape onto the cardboard and cut it out. Decorate, and then tape. It's so easy! ;-)

Take 2 pieces of tape. Make one double-sided, and the other leave alone. Take the double sided to attach the regular piece of tape to the back of the tie. You have sticky on the double-sided and sticky on the regular shwing. Then, you can more or less clip it to your shirt. :)

Step 3: Enjoy :)

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Showoff your tie to your peepz. Get them to make everyone briefcases and become cardboard businessmen-ninjas!! Or something... >.>
I take no responsibility if this tie damages anything. Somehow...


ClayOgre (author)2010-02-16

That's actually kinda cool...  Tho I imagine a lot of people might think otherwise.

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