Introduction: How to Make a Cool Knex Michael Myers / Halloween Knife

Picture of How to Make a Cool Knex Michael Myers / Halloween Knife

Hi this is my short instructable on how to make a cool knex Michael Myers / Halloween knife. If you have any questions or problems building this knife feel free to comment !

Step 1: Getting the Pieces

Picture of Getting the Pieces

Just get all those pieces in the pic ! ( normally i would say there names but there isnt enough of pieces for me to do that so sorry :P :P :P :P :P

Step 2: Making the Handle

Picture of Making the Handle

this is easy just make the pic below ! :D

Step 3: Making the Blade

Picture of Making the Blade

ok just follow the pics ..

Step 4: Connection

Picture of Connection

Ok this is the easiest step !!!!!! follow da pic .. again

Step 5: Your Done !!!!!!!!

Picture of Your Done !!!!!!!!

Ok so now you can go play with your knex knife you just made !!!
even though this is not really strong .......... I AM NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THAT KNIFE well i just felt like doing that :P :P :P


pls (author)2008-12-03

I'll give you credit for the nice instructable!

knexxpro (author)pls2010-06-19

Thank You Very Much. Epic late reply, 2 years later. Whatever. XD