Picture of How to make  a cootie catcher
 I chose to make this instructable because i plan on making and animation of it for my Animation Technology class , Its fairly easy and fun to play with ! :) `
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Step 1: Things You'll Need

*A sheet of blank paper
*Four different colour markers
*A Darker Colour marker for writing
*A Pen
*something circular to trace.

Step 2: Making your paper a perfect square

First step --- Take your sheet of paper and fold it across diagonally lining up the two sides

Second Step---Fold the extra unneeded paper and make a crease with your finger , You than cut it off and you have your square.

Step 5: Making It 3D

 Firstly- Slide you fingers under all four flaps using both your thumbs and pointing finger (see picture below.)

Secondly-- Pinch pointer and thumb together and push them towards the center.

Step 6: Making The Colour Layer.

Picture of Making The Colour Layer.
Picture 239.jpg
Picture 029.jpg
Picture 030.jpg
Picture 033.jpg
Picture 041.jpg
Picture 042.jpg
First off-- you  find a circular object to trace, Trace a circle on each section

Secondly-- Colour each circle with the four colours you have chosen . (I had chosen  to use orange , blue , purple and green.)

Thirdly-- Write the name of the colour inside of the correct coloured circle

Step 7: Making the Numbered layer

Picture of Making the Numbered layer
Picture 035.jpg
First off-- Flip the colour side of the cootie catcher so its facing the table.

Secondly -- Number each triangleUsing the Dark coloured marker,Number them  1-8 , Placement of the numbers does not matter.

Step 8: Making The Final Layer.

Picture of Making The Final Layer.
Picture 038.jpg
Picture 037.jpg
Picture 039.jpg
Picture 040.jpg
First--  Fold Out each numbered triangle, Making it look like the picture below

Secondly-- In each triangle write a horoscope or a fortune :) , Be Creative !
mikolynn2 years ago
Nice! I do so many of this in school (and after school years) too!
You are so cleaver to post it!
Mr. Noack2 years ago
This sounds like an awesome class!! I look forward to the animation!
Awesome! I made so many of these in middle school. :D
Sara0001002 years ago
This is awesome