Picture of How to make a copper ring

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Step 1: Material's


Copper tube diamete 2cm

tube cutter

flat file and a round file

steel wool






Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Cut de copper tube with a tube cutter the tube must be 1 cm

Step 3: Step 2

File copper tubbe in a ring form

Step 4: Step 3

Picture of Step 3
You need to do the salt and water in the bucket

Do then the ring - /nul with copper wire and + L1 in the bucket the ring must under water then you see bells going highwhen you have the transformer on. Let the ring 1 min in the bucket

Step 5: The end

Picture of The end
Make with steel wool the ring gleaming
zombie12123 years ago
explain better but otherwise good job
mattste5 years ago

could you word it a little better
rickharris5 years ago
Brass is an alloy of copper and Zinc. In modern Brass there shouldn't be any free lead.

As said, unfortunately poor pictures, What happens if your finger isn't the same size as the pipe. 1/2 inch copper pipe wouldn't fit my finger for example.

I don't understand what the salt, battery etc is for. perhaps because of the poor pictures.

Copper jewellery has been made for thousands of years, you can chemically treat it to colour it as well as prevent your fingers going green. In general the green isn't harmful, indeed may people wear copper bracelets as a prevention for rheumatism.

dchall85 years ago
I agree with the comments about the photos.  Anything in focus is better than anything out of focus. 

Also copper will turn your finger green.  That's not a problem for most people but it's what happens.  That is another reason to paint the part that touches your skin.  The paint will wear off and then you repaint it. 

We used to make brass rings out of slugs of brass.  Brass turns your finger green, too.  And I guess brass is commonly mixed with lead so brass rings probably would not be a good idea.  
frollard5 years ago
Good concept.  A thought would be to coat the inside with clear nail polish - because a lot of people are allergic to copper

Good effort, but your pictures need a lot of work.  It's better to have a zoomed out picture in focus, then crop the resulting picture; than it is to try to get a close up shot and be out of focus.