Step 1: Materials List

- dress form
- satin tape, 3 mm
- scissors
- pins
- pattern film + pen
- cardboard
- tailor's chalk / dressmaking pencil
- shell fabric (medium weight)
- lining (heavyweight canvas)
- sewing machine
- yarn (polyester)
- plastic bones, 5 mm
- eyelets
- eyelet setting tool
- ribbon
- electric iron

<p>Can you please tell me where I can buy the transparent film you used to transfer the pattern?</p>
<p>I, too, am having trouble following the boning instructions. This may be because I am unsure of how your edged your seams. It looks like you fold it inside out but I never see you make a mention of that. Overall though I do love the drafting portion of this tutorial and it has been widely helpful :)</p>
<p>Great advice! Thanks</p>
<p>Gracias por la info ... esta informaci&oacute;n me ha ayudado en la toma de bustier b&aacute;sico. Espero el otro Info tambi&eacute;n eh ....</p>
This is great! I have never learned how to follow a store bought pattern but I can follow this! The bone channels are unclear to me but I can look it up. Thank you! Following you!

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