Picture of How to make a corset (quick + easy)

Step 1: Materials List

Picture of Materials List
- dress form
- satin tape, 3 mm
- scissors
- pins
- pattern film + pen
- cardboard
- tailor's chalk / dressmaking pencil
- shell fabric (medium weight)
- lining (heavyweight canvas)
- sewing machine
- yarn (polyester)
- plastic bones, 5 mm
- eyelets
- eyelet setting tool
- ribbon
- electric iron

adora.lam4 months ago

Can you please tell me where I can buy the transparent film you used to transfer the pattern?

dedmo0025 months ago

I, too, am having trouble following the boning instructions. This may be because I am unsure of how your edged your seams. It looks like you fold it inside out but I never see you make a mention of that. Overall though I do love the drafting portion of this tutorial and it has been widely helpful :)

IviA17 months ago

Great advice! Thanks

cimocimi11 year ago

Gracias por la info ... esta información me ha ayudado en la toma de bustier básico. Espero el otro Info también eh ....

parisusa1 year ago
This is great! I have never learned how to follow a store bought pattern but I can follow this! The bone channels are unclear to me but I can look it up. Thank you! Following you!