How to make a crane

My 5 th robot. A crane.
You all may be thinking how to make it without programming
Here it is Without Programming.
In this instruct able i have used only ICs. It is very very easy to make. Circuit is very easy but the mechanical is very tough.

Thing you will need-

1)A Caster Wheel
2)A big body of a car, You could buy or make it.(But i have made it)

1)L293D IC (three ICs)
2)1 Rocket switch
3)10 tactical switches 
4)Breadboard (You can use 1,2,3or4 and so on,it depends on you how would you like the circuit look)
5)3 LM 7805 IC (It converts 9v to 5 volts)
6)1 Heat sink (but i have used two)
7)Breadboard wires or wire you think is perfect for breadboard
8)Two geared motors of low RPM
9)One motor of medium rpm which rotates slowly
10)Two motors of 100-200 RPM

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Step 1: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
If you have made the body and set the wheels and a caster wheel ,start making the crane. see in the picture and get ideas how to make a crane and set it on a motor.See carefully i have set the motors on right and left side of the crane.Also see at the bottom of the crane how i fixed the whole crane to a motor.To make the body of the crane you will need some pulleys. THE BODY OF THE CAR SHOULD BE STRONG SO IT CAN HANDLE OF THE CRANE. 

Step 2: Step 3: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Step 3: Circuit Diagram
You would see the diagram of L293D and LM 7805 in the picture. And please download the datasheet of L293D and LM 7805.
In the diagram put the following volts using LM7805
See all the pictures
Put the foll voltages

Enable 1-+5v (connect it to the third pin of the LM7805)
Enable 2-+5v(connect it to the third pin of the LM7805 IC)
Vss-+5v (connect this to the third pin of the LM7805 IC)
Vs Pin no 9-+9v(connect it to the first pin of the LM7805 IC)
Pin no 4,5,13and 12-0v(connect it to the second pin of the LM 7805 IC)
Output 1and 2-connect the first geared motor
Output 3 and 4-connect the second geared motor
Input 1-connect a tacticle switch to it and put ground to the other pole.
Do this with the other three inputs 

Step 3: Step4

Picture of Step4
As i have shown how to do it with 1 ic then do it with the other ics.the motor rotates on both the sides

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