How to Make a Creepy Pool With Photoshop Online Express Editor




Introduction: How to Make a Creepy Pool With Photoshop Online Express Editor

I will show you how to make your pool look creepy with Photoshop online express editor. First you will need to go to and then go to express editor

Step 1: Color

Go to pop color and select the pool water and then select the color you want 

Step 2: Burn

If you want to add a more creepy look to it use the burn tool on the edges of the pool

Step 3: Exposure

then use the exposure tool and pick how dark you want it

Step 4: Soft Focus and Sharpen

then you add the max on these tools

Step 5: Before and After



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    photoshop Online free is a online based browser photoshop which is free also. I just made a same pics from it,
    The benefit of it is no need to install photoshop, just visit and enjoy

    I am sorry to comment on this old thread,
    But the editor which you shared is broken link Hence you can Seems better than

    That is creepy! I haven't heard of that online editor before, I'll have to check it out!