How to Make a Cryptex





Introduction: How to Make a Cryptex

We know there are a couple of videos showing you how to make a cryptex, but we decided to make one since the other ones were made out of metal and the one made from PVC opened from the outside. The real Cryptex' actually opened from the inside, a bit harder to make but well worth it. Hope Yall like it



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    where's the vinegar ?

    Well, let's make sure he's using something fragile enough to be dissolved from vinegar. Otherwise, it's just a stink bomb.

    you would put it in the inner most pipe,

    where you bought the clutch?

    I like the design very much. I didn't follow your plans exactly because I had a lot of PVC scraps lying around.

    I like the idea and will try it but you are naming parts in the video that are not on the list and keep changing the sizes as you talk about them. I am having a lot of trouble sorting it all out.

    Here is the basic concept.

    You fit in, a 1 1/4 pipe inside of a 1 1/2 pipe inside of a 2" pipe.

    TO do this, you need to sand down the 1 1/4 pipe to fit the 1 1/2 pipe.

    there is a lot of Sanding since the PVC doesnt fit into each other the right way.

    I looked over the video, What part doesn't match up?

    The video appears to be broken at the moment. "missing param embed:file"

    I looked over the video, What part doesn't match up?