How to Make a Cubic Egg





Introduction: How to Make a Cubic Egg

this is the easy way to make a cubic egg



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    Kudo's to you for trying. And like you say, it was your first video. Keep up the good efforts.

    If you could possibly re-do it using the suggestions already mentioned, i think you'd have a winning Instructable-you are on the right track!

    there was no sound & i couldn't see anything. the only thing i saw was the end result of the egg and where a rat had half chewed one side out. i say give it another shot but with some lights on or maybe even some pics & text nice try though.

    While your video is very dark, it is almost possible to tell what is happening for most of it. This would be far better as an instructable with good, clear photos. At the very least jack up the brightness on the video and add some text to explain it. A little quiet background music can jazz it up too. I couldn't quite make out the last part, do you put it in the freezer? How long does it need to stay there? Nice idea, needs better presentation!

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    Sorry because of the dark. yes the last step you put it in the freezer one hour and a half Sorry but it's my first video published in this website !

    The whole video was dark except where the egg is already square.