Introduction: How to Make a Custom L.A.R.P Sword

This instructable will show you how to create a custom designed L.A.R.P weapon.

With these instructions you can build just about anything. From battle axes to maces. The only limit is how well you can work with PVC for the core.


PVC pipe: For me it was $1.75 for 5ft.

Foam Camping Mat: $7

Duct tape: $4 per roll

Cord: $3

Tools needed:

Utility knife



Tape Measure

A flat surface 


WL2 (author)2015-02-07

is there any other type of foam I can use

erfinder (author)WL22015-02-10

You can use memory foam from a mattress pad. It would just be heavy. I would use it for a mace or axe head only.

joshua5000 (author)2012-09-30

awesome, I don't know what L.A.R.P. means though... Make the Axe, Make the Axe, Make the Axe!

erfinder (author)joshua50002012-10-05

L.A.R.P means Live Action Role Playing. Its akin to sword fighting as a kid except full force swings and shields and costumes and lots of people. As for making the Axe, I'll see. I need money to buy supplies first.

joshua5000 (author)erfinder2012-10-06

If it's foam, and you want to get some power behind it, you should probably add some weight.

erfinder (author)joshua50002012-10-06

Adding weight is against the rules of L.A.R.P. You don't need weight, you feel it just fine. Especially when the right person is swinging it.

so they can't be metal?

No, they can not.

cause when I was younger we full forced swung first the plastic swords, then home made wood ones which way quite a lot as they are very thick

I'm 12 almost 13 (in September)

joshua5000 (author)erfinder2012-10-06

I am going to join your subculture

joshua5000 (author)joshua50002012-10-06

Is this an exclusively Mormon thing?

erfinder (author)joshua50002012-10-07

Why do you ask this question?

joshua5000 (author)erfinder2012-10-08

Most of the YouTube videos seem like they have some kind of L.D.S.sponsership

erfinder (author)joshua50002012-10-08

Lol no its not, a lot of videos have the ads. It doesn't mean that they are exclusively LDS.

Tristan14 (author)2014-02-13

I am lLooking at making a single edge sword.You reckon this would work with the PVC down the back edge of it? or will it require a more technical/difficult creation process?
It is more for Cosplay than LARP, so doesn't need to withstand massive amounts of force.

erfinder (author)Tristan142014-02-13

I would imagine so, but it may not look the best. Try this out

With this you can get a really nice looking Cosplay Sword. But its up to you.

Tristan14 (author)erfinder2014-02-16

Thanks for your reply, and thanks for the link. I will check it out

aaron2100 (author)2013-07-10

I made one and its great! I bought some metal tape(without a logo all over it) from the hardware store and used that for the blade. Its super shiny and the metal actually gives it additional strength. Thanks for the video!

aaron2100 (author)aaron21002013-07-10

For the blade I used a 1/2" pvc pipe. For the crossguard I bought the next thickness up of pcv pipe which I believe was 3/4". I cut out six inches of the 3/4" and drilled a hole through the middle just wide enough to fix the blade pipe through. I then duct taped them together.

erfinder (author)aaron21002013-07-14

It sounds awesome post pics if you can. My only concern of it is the integrity of the pipe might be compromised with the hole.

cbrian (author)2013-03-18

As soon as I saw duct tape I had second thoughts on how the quality of the sword would turn out to be, but because of the price it takes to make one I thought I would give it a try. To my surprise, the tape actually gives it that "metallic effect" and saves one the trouble of painting. Overall this is an amazing idea, thank you for posting this and happy LARPing! ;D

erfinder (author)cbrian2013-03-19

Thanks! I have plans of making an ax or halberd. I just need to sop being lazy and do it. XD

erfinder (author)2012-12-13

An announcement; I have received some money and will be making either a battle ax or a halberd. Unsure of which one to do first.

erfinder (author)2012-06-15

Here's a poll, who wants to see a L.A.R.P battle ax using this method. If I get enough positive votes I will attempt it.

Landon Sullivan (author)erfinder2012-11-07

A bit late, but if you did, would you mind taking it a little farther and making a halberd? It wouldn't be much more difficult.

erfinder (author)Landon Sullivan2012-11-07

Sure id be happy to. I actually forgot about the halberd. Great idea. :)

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