How to Make a Custom L.A.R.P Sword





Introduction: How to Make a Custom L.A.R.P Sword

This instructable will show you how to create a custom designed L.A.R.P weapon.

With these instructions you can build just about anything. From battle axes to maces. The only limit is how well you can work with PVC for the core.


PVC pipe: For me it was $1.75 for 5ft.

Foam Camping Mat: $7

Duct tape: $4 per roll

Cord: $3

Tools needed:

Utility knife



Tape Measure

A flat surface 



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is there any other type of foam I can use

You can use memory foam from a mattress pad. It would just be heavy. I would use it for a mace or axe head only.

awesome, I don't know what L.A.R.P. means though... Make the Axe, Make the Axe, Make the Axe!

L.A.R.P means Live Action Role Playing. Its akin to sword fighting as a kid except full force swings and shields and costumes and lots of people. As for making the Axe, I'll see. I need money to buy supplies first.

If it's foam, and you want to get some power behind it, you should probably add some weight.

Adding weight is against the rules of L.A.R.P. You don't need weight, you feel it just fine. Especially when the right person is swinging it.

No, they can not.

cause when I was younger we full forced swung first the plastic swords, then home made wood ones which way quite a lot as they are very thick

I'm 12 almost 13 (in September)

I am going to join your subculture