This instructable describes how to make a laser etched wine bottle that can be used to bottle your own home made libation, as a flower vase or whatever application you find for wine bottles.  I make my own wine at home and decided it would be nice to use a laser etching machine to create an artistic etched label to make the presentation more attractive than printed stick on labels.  I dp not have a laser etcher at home therefor I made it at TechShop (www.techshop.ws.) The following items are needed for this instructable.

1) Laser engraver (all TechShop locations)
2) A rotary attachment for the laser engraver
3) Software for designing the bottle "label"
4) A non-scratch scrubber for cleaing the final product
5) Wine bottle opener
6) Measureing tape

Associated TechShop Classes:
1) LAS101: Laser Cutting and Etching SBU
2) LAS201: Laser Engraver Rotary Attachment SBU

1) Bottle of wine

Step 1: Empty a Bottle of Wine

You do not want to use a laser engraver on a full bottle of wine--the results could be disasterous.  First empty a bottle of wine using your preferred method.  I like to drink mine.  Wait at least 24 until your hang over is gone (not necessary if you poured it down the drain--fool.)  Once emptied be sure to rinse the bottle and remove the label so the laser only meets the surface of the glass and not paper or glue.
made a bottle with banana leaves and a set of glasses with a lotus flower design

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