Picture of How to make a custom pine log lamp on the cheap!
This instructable will show you how to make a cool lamp out of an ordinary piece of firewood.

Step 1: Materials/tools needed:

Picture of Materials/tools needed:
Two pieces of the pine of your choice.
One flat piece w/ natural edge
One 3"x12" round piece w/bark still on
Old lamp fixture with bulb
Lamp shade of your choice
Drawknife or other sharp tool
Cut-off saw
Drill w/ long drill bit
Two screws
Wood stain and Polyurethane clear
chabias2 years ago
Nice. I plan to re-do my home with a rustic decor. Your I'ble will come in handy. Thanks!
terrix5 years ago
This is great! I have several old lamps that I've accumulated from bootfairs, thinking they 'might come in useful sometime'. Now I know what to do with them, they definitely will!
TruckerDude5 years ago
A possible source for the lamp body; go to a landscape company or tree trimming company and ask them for a piece of the tree they just cut down or trimmed. If you go to their job site, be careful as there are chain saws and chippers in use!!!
lemonie5 years ago
Good choice of wood, nice pieces. L