Hey everyone, this is how to make a personalized tote bag for family and friends. I made this one for my Mum and as she loves frogs and the colour green I decided to print this one with exactly that!!! This is a really cool gift because it looks so professional! Basically you'll need:

Baking paper
Stanley knife (or other)
A canvas tote bag (I bought mine at a thrift store for about $2.50)
Paints (fabric is best but acrylics work fine)
and A printed sheet (we'll get to that later)  

Step 1: Making the Template

If using a different design or couldn't get to mine, open up Microsoft word and type the word/message you want. Look up '(animal/design) silhouette' on the internet then copy and paste that in. Adjust font, size and italics/bold of the word and picture. When you are happy with your design print it out. Slide that sheet under a piece of grease-proof paper and copy out the template. Then, cut the grease-proof paper with a stanley knife. You now have one completed template!
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