There are many ways to make custom playing cards, here is my first approach, and following instructables like How to make a custom set of playing cards - Approach 2 , I will show some other approaches. I believe this is the best I have tried so far.

Why create a custom set of playing cards? Not because you want "vanity cards", there are web sites that will do that for you (another instructable) but because you want a set of cards you can not get, like for a game you are designing or a commercial game that is out of print.

The example I am using in this instructable are cards from the game I am designing called "I, Detective".

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

The instructable relies or three(3) key supplies:
1) Your cards
2) Playing cards
3) Cards Sleeves (also known as deck protectors)

I suggest you buy the Cards at the Dollar Store ($1 for two decks at my local Dollar Tree), and buy the card sleeves wherever you can get them cheapest. I have found them online, at big box stores (Target, WalMart, Toys R Us) and game stores for under $5 and sometimes under $2. Typically these come 50 in a pack, so if your deck needs more than 50 cards, buy multiple packs.

Making the cards is the next step, but you should know in your head how many cards will be in your deck.
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I would love to have these instructions, I have a game that we love, that is not in production any more. I have found it on Ebay, but it goes for at least $45 and up to $70. Would really appreciate it if you could email me the instructions! Thanks Char Waddle
I am curious, what game are you trying to recreate?
OOps sorry, my first time here, just found the next step button, this is awesome, thank you for posting it!

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