video How to make a cute, easy, no sew dress from an old shirt!
A few months back my dad gave me one of his old shirts and I had no idea what do with it, until now! Watch the video to see it be transformed into a beautiful dress! Sorry for my many fumblings, this was made in a rush.
OMG! i always fiddled with big shirts and made them into dresses my holding it but now i can actually let go without the dress falling apart! THANK YOU SO MUCH I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS SO SIMPLE!
thats actually really awesome!
Very cute! I'm going to try this tonight!
smorgenster4 years ago
Clever, inspiring, fun. You go, girl!
cduet4 years ago
You have a very creative imagination! thanks!
doggieshop4 years ago
Great Job!
rachelmaryb (author)  doggieshop4 years ago
Thanks a ton!
amw44444 years ago
Very clever idea! Nice video.
rachelmaryb (author)  amw44444 years ago
Thank you!