How to Make a Cute Mini Pillow From Felt

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Introduction: How to Make a Cute Mini Pillow From Felt

Hello this is how to make a pillow (a bit smaller than A4) with a cute fish on it. It is made out of orange, dark and light blue felt.
It makes a great gift and is good for kids. You could alter it any way you like. For valentines day you could use pink and red and a heart on the patch, or for X-mas with a tree or even Easter with a few eggs!!

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Step 1: The Sewing and Measuring

Take an A4 sheet of light blue and orange felt. You will need two of the dark blue. Cut out a fish shape in orange and a square a bit bigger than it and hand stitch the fish on. What we have now will be referred to as 'The patch'. Sew the patch onto the light blue A4 sheet of felt. You should now have One sheet of light blue with a patch sewn on and one sheet of dark blue (the leftovers of blue and orange can be kept). Flip the sheets so that the fish is face-down.
Then stitch the dark blue sheet to the light one (with the patch). REMEMBER: Leave one of the shorter ends open so you can fill it. 
Turn it inside out and the fish should now be facing out side. then fill it with plush filler or whatever you want to use. Sew the open end up as neatly as possible. (I'm not fully sure what to do) You should have one completed pillow!!

PS I drew eyes and fins on with marker to add some effect. If you like you could add scales (sequins) or bubbles (tiny circles of felt) to the patch.



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