Picture of How to build a deck
About 6 months ago (laughingly called summer here in the UK) my aunty wanted a deck to replace a patio that had been destroyed during some building work they had had done.

Here's how I did it!
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Step 1: On the slippery slop to nowhere

Picture of On the slippery slop to nowhere
The amount of in-fill you'd need to level this area would be tons.

You can see the slope by following the line of bricks along.

Most sensible way to create a level seating area is a raised deck.

Step 2: First the posts and joists ( the bits your deck is going to sit on)

Picture of First the posts and joists ( the bits your deck is going to sit on)
The first thing is to dig the holes for the posts which are 4 inch square by 8 foot long. (a bit long but they can be cut down later.

The holes are about 18 inches deep and when the posts are leveled upright the holes are filled with concrete.

Then, using the thrubolts, attach one length of 6x2 joist to the wall making sure its level.
Go around the posts screwing on the rest of the joists with the coach screws to the posts.

Using the joist hangers, criss cross between the outside joists with lots of extra joists.
The more you use the less it will bounce when you are having your non-thin friends around!

Joist hangers just nail on, couldn't be simpler.

Step 3: Time to get layin'

Picture of Time to get layin'
Now its starting to take shape. YEAH.

First we want to put something underneath the deck to stop weeds, triffids or "illegal plants" from sprouting and growing up through it.

You can get special fabric but I use old plastic bags. Nothing like recycling.....

Now start screwing down your boards on to your joists. I used specially coated screws so they wouldn't rust but hey, its a free world.

When you put the second one up to it you want to leave a space for rain to drain off and so you can loose coins and keys!

The best way to keep a regular gap is to use carefully designed, purpose made spacers.

Or a couple of off cuts that look right.
Looks great - Please build my deck.
this deck is really good. keep up the work.
Welshy7 years ago
I think this decking is great! Really like the lights, just needs a Patio Heater, Table, Chairs and Not forgetting a good bottle of wine and your set.
cpt_hammer7 years ago
In most of the US, spacers are required to be 16" or 24" apart depending on what material you use. Oh, and Home Owners Association (HOA) approval and usually at least a building permit from the county. Any such restrictions in the UK?
beado4ever (author)  cpt_hammer7 years ago
I didn't know there would be any retrictions in the US regarding this sort of thing.

There isn't any that I'm aware of over here.
Follow this link for more info.
Planning and building regs

As always common sense requires a fairly solid structure if you're going to have people walking about on it.

If this isn't accurate please feel free to correct me (nicely)
jkm beado4ever7 years ago
Planning Permission for a patio/deck? Thought Holland was overregulated but The Home of the Free beats us everytime! Nice deck, Beado. Wouldn't mozzie-breeding puddles form in your recycled binliners (where did the rubbish go, btw?), or does the slope take care of that?
beado4ever (author)  jkm7 years ago
Although the bags overlap, there is still a gap between which the water can drain. I suppose the permission is in case it spoils your neighbours view of the ground!!! The rubbish from the bin liners was just thrown over next doors fence. (JOKE!!!)
ll.137 years ago
That looks really good!! now you just need a few plant pots (big) and chairs.
beado4ever (author)  ll.137 years ago
Good idea but what i really would like to do is something i saw at a trade fair, a sunken wine cooler!!!!! Instructable please.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Short and sweet. Good job.
oh... oh wow.. just wow. this is just.. AMAZING. all is good, but there is not too many steps. looks great!