Where are the instructions
Tried to make the plexi glass mold in the owen today. Im not shure about the time and temperature, as the glass began to sagg pretty quickly (10-15 min) and the glass got a lot of bubbles in it.
Possible violated the regime of temperature and warm-up time of the details. You need to warm little by little a few times.
Looks nice, but it's too small for fishes!
Awesome!!! This Instructable could also be used to recreate the $40 fence porthole!
Looks great!
This volume is MUCH too small for the fish that you have (I already see that the fish from the after 6 months picture are different then the ones from the fresh aquarium - did the first group of fish not survive long?? Just the fish that is attached to the glass near the bottom in the last pic can grow up to ~20cm). Also I would be worried about your decorative background. The foam and the paints that you used probably release toxic compounds into the water and poison the fish. For aquarium decorations you should use only special non toxic silicone adhesives! You can use the silicone to glue some decorative rocks into a nice background. Also I see that in the last pic you have an internal filter in the tank. Instead of that you could build a simple external filter and hide it in the frame. That way the filter would have much bigger surface and therefore work better+ it would not be visible/would not take up space and the current from the pump wouldn't disturb the fish
Thank you all! <br>Sorry, I write with a translator. <br>Pogonoforystsi, after 6 months changed the background on vinyl. In the aquarium, live fish Poecilia, one of the fish brings brood fish about 10 small fishes, the balance is OK. Silicone is used specially for aquarium, filter can be done outside, little space.
The background could be placed behind the sheet of glass, then it's not in contact with the tank water, so leaching wouldn't be an issue. It then could be easily changed for different looks and you could use whatever you wanted for its materials without worrying about poisoning your contents.
I agree, so even better, which I did later.
Yes, in small aquariums need to carefully monitor the balance and water quality. HO3 check nitrite and nitrate HO2 if properly handled everything should be fine.
That is AWESOME!, and really that could be used for anything! <br>Mini fish tank <br>grow herbs in it (It's kinda cool to look at the root systems) <br>Lucky bamboo <br>Storage for keys or other small items (why not?) <br>flower vase <br>the possibilities are virtually endless! <br>
OMG! That's marvelous! You are way too clever for your own good. :D
if you have ever seen the show &quot;tanked&quot;, they use acrylic and plexiglass all the time, so id assume it would be ok to use.
Problem with Acrylic and Plexiglases is it's easy to scratch (and I mean easy like your finger nail across the tank easy, think your headlights on your car nice at first but after a few months it ends up like crap), it's preferred for Salt water because it not brittle like glass so you can worry less about it breaking and leaking. Glass is usually used for fresh water because it's cheaper as are the fish, it doesn't scratch it just breaks. Salt water everything is more expensive so plastics are used to prevent loss of fish at the expense of viewing. Did I mention it's Glass MUCH cheaper? But with odd shapes you can't use Glass. So you'll have to choose what your doing.
Where would one find organic glass,and whats the cost.I could use it in many projects,one having to do with a small fish pond.Great job by the way,top notch.
very cool
you did a very nice job !!!!!!!!
Very beautiful and nice instructible! <br>But too small, fish not happy.
Cool Instructable! The only thing I would do differently would be to figure out how to rig the pump and filter somewhere that it wouldn't be visible inside the bowl. Otherwise, this is pretty neat.
Thank you! <br>Jonnysoups, we have this stuff called Organic Glass, you most likely acrylic Plexiglas. <br>Watergeorg, agrees. Often need to update some of the water to maintain proper balance.
First off, Great Instructable. The technique is clear and impressive and the finished product looks fantastic! <br>Organic Glass? Is it polystyrene or polycarbonate or something like that?
That is insanely AWESOME!!!
Beautiful work!!!
Very nice. I'm a fish nut and always have some kind of tank or bowl with live plants going.
Small aquariums are extremely difficult to keep in biological balance, and fish do not like to see the world outside through a magnifying glass. Otherwise, just put in some bugs.
Would plexiglass or acrylic work? This thing looks awesome great instructable!
Thank you, there are still works in other materials.
submit it to the holiday gift contest!
wow! simply blown away. <br>wish i could do it
so cool wish i could do that a love fish
Love this.
this is to cool!
can you use plexiglass for the sphere?
looks good, nice instructable!!! <br>
Very cool!

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