Introduction: How to Make a Decorative Wedding Bow

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This is a simple ribbon bow that can add a little flare to your wedding decorations!

-One roll(at least three yards) of wired edge ribbon
-Four inches of florist wire

Step 1: Make a Loop

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Begin by making one loop with the ribbon. From the tail of the ribbon to the loop should be 7-8 inches.

Step 2: Continue Making Loops

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Continue making loops that are 7-8 inches in length until you have at least 5 loops on either side. Cut the ribbon so that the remaining tail is facing the opposite direction of the beginning tail.

Step 3: Pinch

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Pinch the center of the loops so that both sides are the same length.

Step 4: Wrap With Wire

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Wrap the pinched center with your four inches of florist wire.

Step 5: Pull the Loops Apart

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Pull the loops apart to make your bow. Twist the ribbon to get the desired result. Finish by pulling the tails out to make the tail of the bow.


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