Picture of How to make a diamond kite
Here is how you make a fun yet simple kite!

Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
First of all gather the materials.
You will need: scissors, a ruler, three garbage bags, a pencil, tape and two wooden dowels. (The dowel for the spine should be 10 millimeters thick and 95 centimeters long, the dowel for the spar should be 6 millimeters thick and 90 cm long). You should also have a roll of string.



I think it´s better to poke
two holes into the sail at the spine near the top and the bottom of the
kite and secure them with clear tape.

Than thread the ends of the blidle line through the holes and tie them to the spine.

So the bridle is on one side of the kite and the cross of sticks is on the other side.

that´s also the construction of the common kites from toyshop.

SOD6 years ago
we love kites more then the group: we love kites
Kiteman6 years ago
You need to give some more detailed instructions and measurements for the bridle, but quite a nice, classic kite.