Here is how you make a fun yet simple kite!

Step 1: Materials Needed

First of all gather the materials.
You will need: scissors, a ruler, three garbage bags, a pencil, tape and two wooden dowels. (The dowel for the spine should be 10 millimeters thick and 95 centimeters long, the dowel for the spar should be 6 millimeters thick and 90 cm long). You should also have a roll of string.

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<p>Hello</p><p>I think it&acute;s better to poke <br>two holes into the sail at the spine near the top and the bottom of the <br>kite and secure them with clear tape.</p><p>Than thread the ends of the blidle line through the holes and tie them to the spine.</p><p>So the bridle is on one side of the kite and the cross of sticks is on the other side.</p><p>that&acute;s also the construction of the common kites from toyshop.</p>
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You need to give some more detailed instructions and measurements for the bridle, but quite a nice, classic kite.

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