Step 2: Naming Conventions

So before I launch into several pages about sticking the nobly bit to the long bit and painting the whatnot I figured it might be quite useful to define some names for the parts. These may or may not be what the 'prawns' had in mind but this is my interpretation of it. Feel free to argue where your ideas differ but I'm not listening :P 

The barrel, Stock and Handle are fairly standard gun parts so I'm on safe ground there.
The front of the gun has a stuck out bit which looks like the pilot flame for a flamethrower. I call this the spark generator (not to be confused with Sparc International mind you!)
The nobbly bit reminds me of the high voltage electricity stuff, so I call this the cascade tower.
The bottle on top of that I call a reservoir, conveniently placed to slowly drip stuff into the tower.
The bottom cylinder is below the gun so presumable injects stuff upwards, hence becomes the injector.
Finally the large cylinder on the back of the weapon reminds me of a power cell.
<p>the fudge nipples</p>
I am a retired Nuclear Health Physicist as well as an electronics hobbyist and woodworker. I'm having a hard time expressing my delight with your &quot;District 9 Weapon&quot; because my mouth is still hanging open speechless! Those of us that have not taken on a project from an abstract thought and planned and manufactured it to an object (very intimidating by the way) that you can hold in your hand! Thank you for your tremendous and perseverance. It is a beacon of encouragement to the human mind and spirit!! Best regards!
How comfortable is that pistol grip? It seems to have some pretty random angles in it (clearly designed for 3 digit prawn hands) but what does it feel like for a human?
weirdly comfortable. It's definitely chunky in the hand but it kinda works especially as the rest of the gun is so massive it needs 2 hands anyway
yes im quite suprised how it feels i decide to use mdf for the handle on mine but it feels like you are holding two 2x4s its really awkyard anyway i kinda want to make the whole gun from mdf cause it would feel right but then again it would be a pain to lug <br> <br>suks that that guy killed a bunch of people ate the batman movie i wanted to take my d9 gun to the movie premiere for the sequel to district 9 i need a petition to get neill bloomkamp to get off his couch and make another one
I would buy more accurate newer updated version, along orker D-9 wespons. You Said you had a great time making this kind of stuff, so dont you wanna team up with me become friends and design props and replicas slap, with me ;D i have plans and ideas for D-9 stuff and we need bigger and cooler version(s) :D
cool, looks like I may use it for a bbmg then!
whatch the movie and see
but u messed up on the cascade tower its one short dis is fake aghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! <br>just kidding im amazed you pulled it off at all this is quite the prop :)
I was wanting to make something like one of the weapons from that movie. Can't say I was a big fan of the movie itself but the weapons were pretty cool. I want to make one that actually shoots something though. Still a while off. Very good instructable though.
Go to spudfiles and get a good idea of how to build something that shoots.&nbsp; Once you get the idea, try to incorporate it inside the shell of your 'favorite' movie/game weapon.&nbsp; The site should help you speed up your project.<br />
im just gonna put a low power coilgun in mine <br>
check out this colour scheme <a href="http://gizmodo.com/5306511/meet-the-arc-gun-the-latest-discovery-in-non+human-technology" rel="nofollow">http://gizmodo.com/5306511/meet-the-arc-gun-the-latest-discovery-in-non+human-technology</a>
that is the regular color scheme from the movie
i like that movie
me toooooo
Truly amazing replica! I'd like to try something similar, but need to know if XPS foam and the Isopon P38 are available in New York City, or at least what the American counterparts would be. I'm tired of getting blank stares from store clerks when I say XPS foam or Isopon P38!
Wow! Nice instruable! District 9 WAS an awesome movie. Now I feel awesome doing this! 5.0*
Great instructable!<br><br>For coating the foam (Step 7) <br>I tried Isopon P38 but it dissolved the foam I was using, in the end I found a no more nails type of filler/glue worked well.
I am in the process of making this and i find the lack of measurements... intimidating. The Measurements on the diagonal had me confused for a while, and i decided just to completely wing that part. <br>And i have no idea the width of the handle.<br><br>Anyhow! Besides that GREAT instructable. It looks fantastic. Hoping mine will look just as awesome!
Hey ford, how much did you get for this awesome D-9 weapon? It deserves 300$, nothing less than that!
It's very subjective, would you pay $300 for it right now? In the end it went for &pound;30 but I guess I had fun making it and now it's happily sat in someones collection. If you wanted your own though I'd happily make you one for $300.
No thanks man, I'm a pauper :-)
it looks cool, but it's not
Figure out how to make the mech :D<br />
AGREED! Though, without the painful neural connection thing...
if you use pink foam board how sturdy is the gun?
&nbsp;Nice job! Can't really tell the difference between your picture and the movie picture, except yours looks a little less weathered...<br /> <br /> (puts on christmas list).<br />
Yeah need to brush up on my weathering techniques, I think I've got the metal stuff down but need to work on general wear and tear
It looks cool anyways...more new...
This is amazing, i love how good this looks. Any chance you will make <a href="http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/io9/2009/08/districtfrnt.jpg">this</a> one?<br />
I'm afraid there is no chance of me randomly making it on my own, but if somebody was willing to fund it I'd be more than happy to devote some of my spare time to it.<br /> <br /> If I remember rightly, doesn't that one also have some really cool purply glow section in the front of it? Would make for a very cool prop.
<a href="http://www.j6x2.com/IMG_CONCEPT/D9_B43.jpg">This</a> one, seen <a href="http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b86/SuperDan1348/d9trailer2_34.jpg">here</a> firing, had an <a href="http://cache.gawker.com/assets/stills/D9_aliengun_io9.flv.jpg">orange</a> effect, almost like kind of fire.<br />
If you felt like it you could go in this direction &nbsp; https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-an-Iron-Man-Arc-Reactor/&nbsp;&nbsp; to create the orange glow at the muzzle of the gun and maybe if you are good at arduino you could also do an alternating flashing pattern for each led<br />
Good idea, I was thinking along the lines of frosted plastic, with orange LED's lighting it up (think like in the portal gun).<br />
I can thoroughly recommend that instructable :)<br /> <br /> The polymorph is pretty good for diffusing the colour of the LED's, arduino's are pretty good for beginners, but something like a PIC12 would be a lot smaller with less components and easily capable of a small job like that.
One of the best models ever. Really great use of the foam! I need to try making some more prop guns soon... but like working ones. Better ones than I have posted by like 200%.<br /> Anyone have suggestions for me?<br />
Awesome job. I love the Instructables color scheme that the Prawns use.<br />
Wow! That looks just amazing!<br />
&nbsp;Wow that is really cool! Good job!
&nbsp;This is pure awesome! &nbsp;I'm hoping people will remember district 9 next year so I can have it done in time, along with a prawn suit lol
&nbsp;This is EPIC. I need to see that movie, looks pretty cool.
That's impressive work. &nbsp;But I've gotta say, Step 2 FTW&nbsp;:-)<br />
&nbsp;I'm surprised this isn't featured, well done! The gun looks great, and the instructions are well written.<br /> <br /> ,,^Cool little trivia, some of the weapons were actually prawn miners' tools. Don't remember which ones, though.&nbsp;<br />
&nbsp;Gmjhowe should have a look at this. :)

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