Picture of How to make a doormat out of recycled ROPE!
Hello Everyone! In this instructable, I will show you how to make a dootmat entirely out of rope!  Here is a list of the materials that you will need:

   13 - 1 inch diameter pipe; 24' in length ( I used left over copper pipe.)
   70-100 feet of synthetic rope. ( The rope must be able to be melted together.)
     1 - 2x3 or 2x4; 32 inches in length.
     1 - piece of partical board/scrap wood/plywood; roughtly 1'6"x4'
     2 - Clamps or folding chairs. ( A table or work bench will also be needed if using clamps.)
     1 - Lit candle
     1 - Pair of Strong cutting shears.
     1 - 1 inch diameter drill bit
     1 - yard stick or equivilent.
     2 - 2 inch screws
     And some various tools ( pencil, drill, etc.)   
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Step 1: Create the Jig

Picture of Create the Jig
 First, We will create the jig that the door mat will be made on. Grab your drill, 1 inch drill bit, yard stick, pencil, and 2x3/2x4. Take the yard stick and make a line down the middle length wise on the 2x3/2x4. Now mark the line every 2 inches until you have 13 marks. Next, take your 2x3/2x4 and drill holes all the way through the board on each of the 13 marks. Make sure that your drill is AS LEVEL AS POSSIBLE. (A drill press will make this much easier.) This will make your mat come out MUCH nicer. You should now have a 2x3/2x4 with 13 holes evenly spaced on the board. Now screw you 2x3/2x4 near the edge of you 1'6"x3' piece of wood. Your jig should look something like the photo below.

Step 2: Setting up the Jig and Inserting the Pipes

Picture of Setting up the Jig and Inserting the Pipes

Now take your 2 clamps or folding chairs. If using clamps, clamp your jig to a table or work bench. or set your jig on 2 folding chairs. Once your jig is set up, Insert a pipe into each of the 13 holes. Your jig should now be complete and ready to use.

Really nice 'instructable'. Thanks! I hope to make one myself one day. Your tips will save me lots of aggravation! :)

SIRJAMES091 year ago
Not bad....I'm kidding, it was a great instructable!!
Thank you for sharing. I always wondered how these were made, now I know thanks to you.
Thank you for sharing
Colland1 year ago
Awesome jig did my first mat took 8 hrs made this jig and next one took a hour thanks so much for sharing
l8nite4 years ago
great project and a well done "ible"
Large (author)  l8nite4 years ago
Thank You