How to Make a Double Bladed Staff Sword





Introduction: How to Make a Double Bladed Staff Sword

How to make a double bladed staff sword

Step 1: Assemble Items

You will need:
1 1-1/8 inch x 48inch wooden dowel: $3
2 22inch machetes: $46

Step 2: Assembely

Give a general description of the StepUsing the ducttape attatch the machete handles to the ends of the wooden dowel, attach so that the blades are facing in oposit directions.



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    Where did u get the machetes????!!!! I've been needing a realistic (real) machete for a Jason Voorhees costume. That sure as hell looks like Home Depot. Plz tell me it is :)

    In Minnesota there is a place called Harbor Freight. I know they have them there, and they are pretty cheap... $5 to $10.

    we have them in california too if you live there

    This might help too

    That IS Home Depot. Pretty sure.

    good old bunnings

    You should remove the grips, put the machete ends inside a tube, weld and build a new grip.

    and then make the blades not quite as broad

     Disappointing. I thought I would be able to construct a bisectioning glaive (Much similar to that of 'gabranth' from Final fantasy 12) using this instructable, yet, it only tells me the obvoius parts.

    i had a thought of making something like this but never really got around to it