Picture of How to make a dreamcatcher.
Dreamcatchers were used by Indians to protect themselves from nightmares. Make your personalized dreamcatcher now!

What you need:

-iron wire
-round objects
-coloured twine
-feathers (pull them out of your pillow!)
-wooden meatstick
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Step 1:

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First, wrap the iron wire around a round object to make a circle.

Step 2:

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Take a piece of twine and create a web inside the circle. You'd better attach the twine to the circle each time, so that it stays put.

Step 3:

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Repeat step 1 to make a smaller circle, which will fit into the first one. On my dreamcatcher, I wrapped it in twine first and then made a web in the middle.

Now, attach a piece of twine to the bigger circle and wrap it all around the iron wire, until half the circle is covered. I know this sounds like a dull thing to do, but it only takes a few minutes! I found it easier to do with a needle.

Attach the smaller circle inside the big one with twine, then continue wrapping the large circle and attach the small circle on the opposite side.

Step 4:

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Take a few pieces of twine and attach them to the bottom of the circle in three bundles. The way shown on the photo makes this really easy. Just pull it tight!

Also attach a bundle of twine at the top to hang it from later on. You can rope braid it if you like.

Step 5:

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Adding beads is the first step to making your dreamcatcher look authentic. Using a plastic needle like shown on the picture will make it much easier to put a bead on the bundle of twine. If you don't have one, you'll just have to figure out a way to make it work ; ) !
SugarTeen525 years ago
 Check out my Instructable, "Powhatan Dream Catchers."  It's kinda crazy how similar they are.  Yours look great!
judith_ou (author)  SugarTeen525 years ago
ChrysN6 years ago
That looks great!