This is my first instructable and will show you how I made my chair from driftwood found on the local beach, 
 there's definitely some things I would do differently next time and I learnt as I went along but I enjoyed it and I'm pretty happy with the result and hopefully will be making some more designs next summer.

Tools used-

Pencil and ruler
Workbench with mitre saw
Power drill
Plug cutters
Safety Goggles and gloves.

Step 1: collect your driftwood

The driftwood was all collected from the beach in front of my house, rinsed by the rain, and dried in the sun. I tried to collect various shapes and sizes, nice solid straight pieces to make the legs and main parts of the chair, smaller straight bits for the stretchers, planks for the seat and back, and some more interesting shapes to make the arms.

Once I had enough wood I looked at what I had and tried to come up with some ideas for what I wanted the chair to end up like in terms of design, size and angles etc. I'm not to good with a pen so I used google sketchup to knock up some simple plans but simplest way would be with a pencil and paper.
<p>Awesome. Working with driftwood looks so cool, I hear some peoples make boats with them as well. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>I realize this is an older Instructable, but I just wanted to say, that's such a pretty chair! :) The driftwood looks so rustic and beautiful.</p>
im love with the idea.. so unique and antique :D + rusty as said by sunshine
Thanks, al though according to this -&nbsp;<a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Crafting-Contest-Country-Eligibility/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/community/Crafting-Contest-Country-Eligibility/</a>&nbsp; they changed the small print on the eligibility rules after I entered so I guess I don't get a prize after all! :(
Great look! <em>(although on the last pic it appears as if it was about to fall over to the side.weird.)</em>
haha, yeah it does, that patch of grass isn't very flat! it's nice and stable on level ground :)
One of these days I am making this! It is so rustic! Thanks for sharing.
I <strong>love</strong> rustic furniture... and this is beautiful!!!
You did such a great job! Do you think you could rotate your last image the correct way? Thanks so much for the post.
Yeah a few of the photos seem to have come out rotated around wrong, odd, they were the right way round on my computer and I couldn't work out howto rotate them after uploading them?

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