How to Make a Drum From a Can and a Water or Soda Bottle Made of PETE 1 Type Recyclable Plastic





Introduction: How to Make a Drum From a Can and a Water or Soda Bottle Made of PETE 1 Type Recyclable Plastic

This is a video on how to make a durable drum head using a soda bottle or water bottle. This material shrinks when you heat it and will secure itself to any can with a rim. No glue or tape in needed! Also, because the materials are commonly found in recycle bins or even along side the road the drum is essentially free. watch the video to see how to make it.

Please note: Plastic can release harmful fumes when overheated. It is best to do this project with good ventilation. That being said, if you follow my instructions and don't overheat the plastic, there is little chance of fumes being released.

Happy drumming!



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    This actually gives me a great idea on how to make a simple altimeter/ air pressure indicator! The hardest time I was having with it was making a membrane that was strong,tight but still had give. I only thought of it when you punched a hole in it to prevent pressure!

    This is a great Instructable! Your video is very clear and concise. We will be making these drums with kids in a Summer Art of Music Workshop where they will make castanets, drums, fipple whistles and wind gongs. Thank you so much for sharing this.


    Was wondering if I could use acetate sheets? I have some leftover from a craft project and it would potentially cut down on some work- thanks for your time & sharing this great project!

    are you able to remove the lid after it is sealed?

    Hello! This is exactly what I've been looking for! I want to make some durable but inexpensive drums for my grandchildren for Christmas and I have some suede laying around. After some research, I found that suede is not the best thing to use for sound you think I could put the suede over the plastic (for looks) and still get a decent sound?

    Thanks again!

    I'm looking forward to try it out. Does this work with bigger cans/flower pots etc. , too?

    Great! tahnks

    Thanks for sharing this clever idea. I will add it to my next instructable about sound makers.

    Thanks for the instructions.
    This is the drum for my daughter.


    I LOVE THIS!!! Not only can you make a drum, you can also use this idea to seal something into an empty can!

    Thank you, and God Bless! (^_^)b