with a screen protector

Step 1: Materials

you will need;

mp3 player
packaging tape
duct tape


hobby knife

Step 2: Screen Protector

wrap one layer of packaging tape around the mp3 player, sticky side out.

put some packaging tape on the packaging tape and tear it off. this will remove some of the gle. repeat until a section the size of the screen has no glue.

do the same for the controls

(sorry about the pics, my camera turned into a giant robot that anhiliated the galaxy. actually, no, I just dropped it )

Step 3: Now for the Duct Tape

put a strip of duct tape on the table and use the hobby knife to cut holes for the power and reset buttons, the headphone jack, and the usb slot.

put it on the player sticky side out and use various strips of duct tape to cover the sticky ones

Step 4: It's a Wrap

(sorry for the pun)

wrap the rest in duct tape (remember to put it inside out first, then inside in)

if you want the case to be removeable. carefully cut along the bottom so only one side is connected, and put a strip of duct tape over the cut
Great Instructable, the only thing I need is the mp3 player. lol
MEH?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>I POD CASES ARE SO IMPORTANT
I tried making one of these before i read this... i used superglue on the screen protector to hold it on and didn't wait for it to dry. My sansa fuze got super glued in the case (luckily, i got it out, unluckily, it melted a portion of it) :(
This is a great idea. Functional and brilliant too!
Notice how the tape in the background is the only things thats clear...... :D lol googd job
can you make one for an ipod touch? make an instructable on that.<br />
woaa thats well good,neat design -sharlston
Nice! I made one similar a while back and they really work, mine has an ID clip on it so that I can attach it to clothing and it wont fall out of my pocket.
Wow. Turns out I made one for my 8Gb Zune last night before seeing this ible' The results:
you should write your own instructable for that. There isn't much zune stuff on intructables
Hah. I'll write one up when I decide to stop being lazy :P I just got a nice digital camera and my linux rig back up, so I just might.
i definately think you should create an instructable on that too.
Looks like a creative zen sleek. discontinued now but a great mp3 player..
creative zen sleek PHOTO. I can't even remember when I bought it, but it's still with me. <3
Correction a crappy mp3 player that broke down on me in like 3 months.
your entitled to your opinion, but mine is still working perfectly, and has been for years, so my assertion that its great is still valid.
I have that mp3 player! Bigups!
that was easy...:] lol
I made a case for the iPod classic. Looks very similar to the one you made. I have free instructions off my site if anyone wants to check out it <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.totallytape.com/">http://www.totallytape.com/</a><br/><br/>
also nice
It dosen't look like it actually does anything...
it prevents scratches to the screen
what kind of mp3 is that?
It totally rocks in the south, we duct tape everything.
were do you live im in dallas and no one does a tape except for me and anime kid oddly enough (but i only do it for craft kinda stuff)
Like it but I cant get it neat. Any Tips?
Cool, I'm going to try one for my camera. :D
I'm totally doing this for my Nano!!!!!!!!!
thanks for the tips. i kinda just did my own thing and i'm pretty happy. plus, these are really easy to make, so always can try again sometime. i've never made stuff with duct tape before, but i made a wallet & mp3 case for my creative vision:m tonight in no time. fun projects- and very cool looking!!! :)
I have the same MP3 player. I was looking for just a simple MP3 player case but it's cool to find one for <em>my</em> MP3 player, so thanks :]<br/>

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