Step 7: Taping

Add strips of duct tape to the sword. Be careful when applying the tape special around the corners. Take the hobby knife and cut the tape into strips so it will not get wrinkled. When applying a new strip of tape, don't make the overlay more than 1 cm. If you put on to much tape, the weapon gets hard and heavy, making it dangerous to play with.
<p>very nice, I had a sword like that, but I did not use the tape, I painted the sword with 10 coats of latex and acrylic paints ;)</p>
<p>I made it!<br>Thanx morfmir for that great instructable!</p>
<p>made a single edged sword only without the rod support had to make the blade wide enough so it does not break when swung if made to thin will still break</p>
<p>nice job i'm going to make a katana with this technique </p>
<p>one of zoro's or a different one? </p>
<p>I tried to make the Skyrim steel sword, and this was my end result.<br>Whist making it, I used a Yoga mat instead. Because of the thinness of the yoga mat, I had to double the middle layer. I also found hot glue and scissors to be more effective.<br>Bamboo core, PVC piping handle (wrapped in hockey tape), and shiny silver duck tape I found at Walmart!</p>
Hi Dovakin <br><br>You sword looks good. Glad to inspire you.<br><br>/Thomas
<p>I wanted to make this for me and my friends, could you use 1/2 in.cpvc pipe to replace the bamboo rod? or will the pipe make it more dangerous?</p>
<p>PVC piping is alot more flexible! It shouldn't affect the force. PVC piping is a great choice!</p><p>If your worried about hurting people, add more foam. Or if you have lying around, a yoga mat to do a thinner layer.</p>
<p>I've used pool noodles for the padding and 1/2&quot; SCH 40 pvc for the core. Noodles have a tendency to deteriorate over time more than the camping pads, but are a little cheaper. for the longer weapons (Pole arms, axes, spears, etc.) I go with 3/4&quot; SCH 40 PVC to reduce whippy-ness, but add extra padding for the weight. I like the beveled edges you can make with layers of camp padding though.</p>
cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool and how do you make it
U could make a ninja kantana out of this. All ur 'ables are Viking related. Nice.
OMG when I saw the thumbnail of that last pic, of them up against your couch, I thought the items were resting against someone's FINGERS - and I went WTF???&nbsp; Miniatures??&nbsp;How the hell do you make those out of foam and duct tape?<br />
Haha, I had the same thought too.
YES!!!! me too.
you did too huh? that's what I thought, I was thinking gees he's making swords but they are tiny swords..lol
The hobbit? or LOTR?
it is the same sword. Sting is still Sting no matter the film.
it is the same sword. Sting is still Sting no matter the film.
OMG! This is so cool. See if I can get hubby to make something like this for our little guy. Thanks for the instructions.
We did it! Made two of them. My boys had a wonderful time playing sword fight and no one was hurt! :-) Thanks again for the tutorials. Excellent!
These absolutely rock! My son and his friends have been saving up for Nerf brand toys and now they can save some money and outfit their entire class. Reminds me of my dad making rubber band guns for himself and all of his friends when he was a kid.<br>
This is so great, I needed a prop sword for a movie I'm making and this makes a great and safe way to shoot an epic battle scene. I've got my layers glued together and I'm ready for shaping. Do you have any tips on carving and shapping? I really need this to look great.
An electric carving knife if you have one, makes carving foam a piece of cake.&nbsp; I worked in a hardware store that sold foam sheet cut to order, we used an electric carving knife as it cuts even 6&quot; sheets of foam like butter.<br> <br> If you dont have an electric knife a sharp kitchen knife with a serrated blade works ok
You can make some engraving with a soldering iron, put the tape a little lose on the relief and highlight the engravings with a marker. Make some tests on a scrap piece of foam to practice. <br><br>/Thomas<br>
Awesome, thanks! I have a lot of small details that needed to be carved in th middle and I had no idea how to do it, Your soldering iron tip will work great!
Impressive stuff, well done and keep it up.
amazing i rated it 5.0
5.0 thats an insult i rate it infinty and beyond you obbiously dont know kids
Where exactly can I get a bunch of that foam?
if your wondering who your new suscriber is its me
Thanks, I will make more 'ables soon. I'm very busy right now, but I have some ideas for new ones.<br><br>/Thomas
hello thomas i was wondering do you run a nerf class?
im soooooo subscribing to u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That kids sword is bigger than himself!
Do you know how much it costs to get all the supplys? <br>
Thats pretty cool! thanks for all your help, im gonna use that for my Halloween costume!!
hmmmm.... I wonder if you could do a sephiroth style sword using this method.... better yet cloud's buster sword!!! Oh by the way if you can't tell I like final fantasy....<br><br>
That could work but I see a length/weight issue with those two swords. You will have to put something pretty sturdy under the duct tape
&nbsp;Good to see you are training the kids in the way of Awesomeness early. &nbsp;Then when they are older they can truly be epic larpers!
i agree thoes swords remind me of the old larp swords in my group now we have new epic ways of makeing them
I'll be sre to use THIS instructable instead of the other one I found in another site! :D
I made one! the one on the left is mine, the one on the right is my brother's. The method here makes really fun swords that don't hurt at all! From now on I'm making all my swords like this.
That looks very good. Great design I'm glad that you like my instructable.
Very good instructable with awesome results! Keep up the good work
hey i am wanting to make my own sword and im just wondering is it safe to say that ur foam is about 5mm thick?
The foam I use is 8mm. If you can only get 5 mm and you feel that the sword is to thin with 5mm foam, just use 4 or 5 layers til you feel it has the right thickness. /Thomas
thanks =)

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