Picture of How to make a duct tape travel wallet
Whip out roll or sheets of duct tape and turn it into something useful such as a duct tape wallet. A duct tape wallet is a handy accessory to have if conventional wallets are just too boring. A duct tape wallet can be a fun accessory to make too. If you enjoy do-it-yourself or a bit of arts and craft this duct tape wallet instructables is for you!
A duct tape wallet has many benefits to both your money and your skills at arts and craft! Duct tape is waterproof this means most of your cards and cash would be shielded from light water damages such as spills and light rain. Making a duct tape wallet by yourself means that you can improve your arts and craft skills. A duct tape wallet is fun to make especially with kids or a loved one, especially because the wallets are so easy to customize. You can make a personalized, one of a kind wallet.. Although a gray duct tape was used in this instructable, you can use all sorts of other colors to make it yours!
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
Materials needed are:
- A roll of duct tape
- Packing tape
- Scissors
- A ruler
- Some money and cards to test the final product.

Estimated time required:  1-2 hours

Warning! Read this before proceeding!
- Scissors are sharp and can cut skin, so be careful when handling scissors.
- Duct tape is very sticky, and removing it may cause pain if you have sensitive skin.

Step 2: Making the Wallet Body

Picture of Making the Wallet Body
The wallet body will be cut from one large sheet of duct tape.  Our goal is to create a sheet that is 10” x 8” (10 inches wide, 8 inches tall).  The sheet will be trimmed down to its actual size after it is finished.

Begin by cutting approximately 10 strips of tape, each 10” long.
Bookrestore1 month ago

you can count on your wallet being stolen sometime on vacation if you're going to a sketchy developing world location.

Why would you go there? Well, my wife and I like to see the 'real' country. Take the popular transportation, eat at the normal vendors and stay in the homes of locals (yes, I've actually seen a cockroach crawl out of the main dish pot of food AFTER I ate all my supper..) and avoid the resort areas like the plague in general.

So we carry valuables in a hidden money belt deep in our clothing while carrying false I.D. And about $25-$50 worth in local currency in the "show" wallet basically so we don't piss off the petty thief who's gone to the effort of honing his skill and could be armed.

So a duct tape wallet is PERFECT!!! Bully to you for outside the duct thinking! I'm going to make five or ten or so for our next trip!

amcs4u1 year ago
nice 1. thnx 4 sharing
misskk1431 year ago
nice great job